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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Istanbul F1 Gone!

The Turkish F1 Grand Prix has been dropped from the F1 Calender for the 2012 season.

This is a real shame since we enjoy a varied calender, Istanbul was a great circuit.
The reports are saying that F1 never got a grip with the local population, but they have this the wrong way round. F1 'BRINGS' its own fans with it;

Friday, July 29, 2011

How to Watch the F1 GP Online

To watch online, you will need the BBC Sport website, (the first link below), when you get to the site, if there is a current live broadcast it will say 'live' in the red box, top left of the picture!

Click on the big picture and then once that loads, click the big picture again!  This is the PLAY link, during a live session. 

There are also boxes along the lower edge of that picture or live streaming broadcast, during F1 sessions. These are links to the driver tracking and other commentary and selected videos of the past sessions. 

Here's the link to watch online!

Live Video
TV + 5 LIVE Sport Extra

This is the link to get the live timing on your PC! It is only available during the live session times!
on your PC

Please try to keep this site open and refresh the page from time to time during the race.

You will also want to follow Formula1Race on Twitter. I will try to stay ahead of the news for you.

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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Sunday, July 24, 2011

F1 GP Team Orders

Team Orders in F1.

The Pole Position View!
Should team orders be allowed and what are the benefits?
Team orders should be allowed, if we only needed one reason for team orders, it would be that it is too difficult to police. How can an outside organisation, like the FIA, tell if team orders are being used?

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Top F1 Twitters!

Top Twitters
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  • F1 News. Lewis Hamilton: Winning one F1 title holds less value with so many winners now: LEWIS HAMILTON in... 
  • Schuey News. VIDEO Michael Schumacher and Nico Rosberg driving 1954 Mercedes ...: Mercedes Petronas Formul... 

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Tuesday, July 12, 2011



Venue: Nurburgring.
Date: Sunday. 24 July. 2011.

Lap length: 3.198 miles.
Race laps: 60.
2010 winner: Fernando Alonso. (Ferrari). - at Hockenheim.
First grand prix: 1977.

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BBC is the best place to be. Please Visit the BBC Sport Website (click-here) for session times confirmation!

German Grand Prix
Nurburg Ring, 22-24 Jul. 2011.

Friday 22 July: Practice one - 0900-1030.

Friday 22 July: Practice two - 1300-1430.

Saturday 23 July: Practice three - 1000-1100.

At the risk of turning this F1 Blog into a Schumacher Fan Site, (there would be nothing wrong with that anyway), You have to appreciate what skill Schuey has! He is fighting with his car, it is still not 100% for him.  

Schuey fans will know that it took Schuey several years to get his act together with Ferrari. There is no-difference here too. Michael Schumacher is a top contender and very very competitive. You may think that its OK to make claims like Schuey is not as fast a his team mate, Nico Rosberg, but, you also have to consider Michael's age! 

Look, Wow and double WOW! Michael Schumacher is in the top ten yet again!

No-one can ever say Schuey is not competitive or ever doubt whether he has what it takes to win races. And at the F1 level, it is OK not to win, because every F1 driver is a winner just by being in F1, because they are the top drivers in the world! I'm happy for whoever wins, I really just like a good race!

F1 sport.
This is why I love F1 sport as a whole and why I say I'm not just pro-one team or another, or pro one driver, (although I realize that it might not seem so at times when I give drivers like Schuey all the good numbers). What it really is about, is that I don't like to see drivers called and blamed for things they have not done, or have no-control over.

It has got to be the same approach for me, to boxing. (By the way, there is a match this evening Saturday 23rd July on TV Channel 5 Boxing at 22.00. It is on at TEN PM Chan 5 Chisora V Fury). I like to see the better boxer win, no cheating or dirty tricks! As soon as a boxer start playing dirty, the I really want them to loose!

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Saturday 23 July: Qualifying - 1300-1400.

Sunday 24 July: Race - 1300.

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