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Tuesday, July 26, 2011



Venue: Hungaroring, Budapest.
Date: Sunday 31 July. 2011.

Lap length: 2.722 miles.
Race laps: 70.
2010 winner: Mark Webber. (Red Bull).
First grand prix: 1986.

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Hungarian Grand Prix.
Hungaroring, 29-31 Jul. 2011.
Friday 29 July: Practice one - 0900-1030. DONE!

Friday 29 July: Practice two - 1300-1430.DONE!

Saturday 30 July: Practice three - 1000-1100. DONE!

Not again BBC! - Did you hear the commentators pointing out that Schuey was not faster than his team mate Rosberg?  Are they on a Schuey hate campaign?

Well, yes Schuey was slower lap to lap, but at the end of the Q1 session Schuey was in front!
Schumacher 1:22.8
Rosberg 1:22.9
Did the BBC mention 'Wow look Schuey was in front of his team mate!' No! -

But the BBC commentators just kept quiet, like we Schuey fans wouldn't notice that they got it wrong again!

Was you shouting at the TV too?

Lets see if they comment again on the third session.. I'll leave this note here!

Saturday 30 July: Qualifying - 1300-1400. DONE!
Results from


We had a wet start, but the race is going to be touch and go with sporadic wet and dry sectors on the track. Ironically, the sport of swimming is on over on the BBC's red button service. The TV screen is showing the F1 cars running in the wet conditions and it says - LIVE SWIMMING in the top right on the screen.  I just said, this is someone's idea of a joke!

The problems the drivers have with the wet conditions is not only to do with loss of grip! Drivers have to contend with changing set-ups on their cars. A full-wet or intermediate tire, raises a cars ride height. It needs to do this due to surface water clearance, but this is a side benefit that is out-weighed by the negative of reducing the aerodynamics.

A car needs to be close to the road surface for optimal aerodynamics. However, the detail that F1 fans don't always consider, is that the full-wet and intermediate tires also have a larger circumference because of the added tread depth.

The full-wet and intermediate tires are about 2.5mm to 5mm larger in diameter. This increases the distance traveled per wheel revolution and effects the cars gear ratio's and suspension. So there is a lot of difference for the driver, between slick-dry-running-tires, and the treaded tires. Its not easy!

Car handling constantly changes as the tires wear down. Treaded tires tend to heat more quickly, (increasing the tire-wear), and therefore need to be cooled. Drivers cool their tires by picking out safe wet areas of track surface to run through.

These wetter-areas, tend to be off the racing line and are dirty, full of debris from other tire wear and carbon fibre fragments from collisions etc.  It has to be a desperate decision, to take, in order to cool the tires.

Sunday 31 July: Race - 1300.

Button - Vettel - Alonso!
Driver of the race for this F1 fan, has to be Button. With 88 pit stops in this race, (an all time record), Button has fought through to win. He does not even have a great car! I know this is man (driver and team), AND machine, but this race-win for sure was due to Jenson Button's ability to stay cool and calm in these difficult conditions.

It is in-fact a real challenge for Jenson Button and nothing to do with the luck of the draw', (as I was reading on a forum elsewhere - I can't mention it). I hate when people get negative about F1 drivers, they are all champions!

But, its easy for fans to think that they could do better, just because they can drive a car in a game like F1-2010 and win on their games console, does not make them F1 drivers.

I'm sure the race win was due to driver skill, I crashed in the F1 2010 game too!

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