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Tuesday, August 2, 2011



Venue: Spa-Francorchamps.
Date: Sunday. 28 August. 2011.
Lap length: 4.352 miles.
Race laps: 44.

2010 winner: Lewis Hamilton. (McLaren).
First grand prix: 1924.

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Belgian Grand Prix.
Spa-Francorchamps, 26-28 Augus. 2011.

LAST UPDATE HERE Saturday 27 August: 18:23

I've just done an hours cycle exercise session; followed by a microwaved mushroom sandwich.
Now I am sat playing F1 2010 on xBox now;
whilst watching the Belgian GP on BBC;
with my Live Timing from on my PC, Blogging & Twittering here:
with a pint of larger on the side as well!

Its gotta be better than sitting in the rain in Belgium!

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Friday 26 August: Practice one - 0900-1030. DONE! for your LIVE Timing Online!

We are back to racing after the three week break, much too long for us F1 addicts! OK, well, at least the waiting is over. This is the last season, as far as we know yet, for us to enjoy full coverage from the BBC.

Next year we will only get half the season on the BBC and I personally think that, that is Bernies fault. (Ecclestone). Its always a money thAng!

In this practice-one session, we have cars just sliding off the track. I don't want to jinx Schumacher but just lets see how he does, he is 'the-rain-man' after all. Schuey has a new engineer for this race and I'm sure that this is going to add an unknown element to his race weekend.

All I am looking for is Schuey not sliding off the track, whereas all the younger and less experienced drivers might. I don't doubt that Red Bull et al, have better overall packages, but the same could have been said throughout Schuey's more successful races with Ferrari.

It takes time, to get your act together, get the car setup and feel just right and then also its about your team and communication! When you get it all right or conversely everyone else gets it wrong, then that is when you win races! (I mean that sometimes, none contenders can win or get unexpected positions, due to race leaders crashing out).

Top Twitters!
  • Schuey News. Twenty years of Schumacher: For the first time since he started his comeback at the beginning...20 YEARS OF SCHUEY!
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Friday 26 August: Practice two - 1300-1430. DONE! for your LIVE F1 timing online.

Saturday 27 August: Practice three - 1000-1100. DONE!

Saturday 27 August: Qualifying - 1300-1400. DONE!

Schumacher Out Of Qualifying!
Schuey went out on the track and lost a wheel-nut on his 'out-lap' at the start of qualifying, without even finishing sector one! This places him at the back of the grid for the start of the race!

This question has just come in on Twitter DM's:  How do we know it was a wheel nut?
Well, as the BBC have also just mentioned as I am writing this reply. If it was any-other-part of the suspension or hub that failed, the whole unit would stay on the car because it is tethered to do that for safety.

The fact that the wheel was separate from the car and clearly without any of the hub assembly attached, means that the wheel nut simply came off.   The part that will not be simple, is why a basic critical part like a wheel nut was not tight.  Someone should get the sack, if not charged, fined or imprisoned for dangerous negligence to duty.

This incident could have cost people their lives, like if innocent by-standers were to be hit by the wheel! I am surprised that the BBC are not making more of this, (its like 'so-what, Schuey's wheel has come off, who cares')! There should be a stewards inquiry into this, with possible prosecutions for dereliction to duty for the parties concerned.

Maldonado Physically Attacks Hamilton!

And- now whilst we were just watching, Maldonado just tried to slam Hamilton off the track! Maldonado should be kicked out of F1 and any future racing series for that move. This is not a demolition derby!

The BBC F1 commentary team are right, when they suggest this is Maldonado retaliating for Hamilton colliding with Maldonado in an earlier race!  Stewards inquiry is underway!

Qualifying Result.
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F1 Race Day! Schumacher Day!
Sunday: Race - 1300.DONE!

Wow, this should shut all the Schuey ney-sayers up! From last on the grid to finish 5th. This is a great anniversary gift to the fans. What a great race!

Driver of the race for this F1 fan; - You don't even have to ask do you? Obviously it is Michael Schumacher! It doesn't even need saying, just watch the race again and you will see what a great driver he is. 

How can anyone have been comparing De Resta to Schuey? Sure all of the F1 drivers are the best of the best, but Schuey is a cut above the best. It is only the whole package, (and that is what it is all about, no-one-man is an island), that is not providing pole positions and podiums for Schuey. 

Remember that Schumacher spend years working with Ferrari, (his cars and his engineers), to get to the winning streak he enjoyed in earlier years! So, I say there is a comparison to how he worked up to his previous winning streak in Ferrari to where he is now in Mercedes. Its a learning curve for the whole team!

This is a Pole Position Post.
Formula One Race


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