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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

F1 2013 Race, Belgian Grand Prix

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F1 2013 Race, Belgian Grand Prix.

Vettel, Alonso, Hamilton!

Spa-Francorchamps, 23-25 August.
Live on BBC TV and BBC Radio 5 live plus live text commentary online.

Driver of the race for this F1 fan: Has to be two-fold, However, before I say who: I'm not forgetting Vettel and Red-Bull. However, they are not even in a race. Vettel just needs to get some clean track in front of him and simply drive to the finish line. (That's how good he is and how good the Red-Bull car is).

So, in my opinion, the best driver today was Alonso simply because of his amazing start. Next Hamilton, (because as he said over the team radio); He drove the car to its limits! I could see that, with my experience as a long time fan of F1 and commentator for over the last 10 years.

Next, (since I always like to say, "I told you so"), perhaps you noticed as I mentioned some time ago, earlier this year, that Lewis Hamilton seems to do well when his dad is on the scene! His father is a settling and calming influence on Lewis and Lewis had his father at every race, where he had massive wins. He grew up with racing with his father by his side all the way!

Lewis said he was 'OK' with his position today in Belgium, but I believe he was actually very happy if not ecstatic with third. I bet he wished he could get 3rd in every race! See you next time.

F1 GP Belgian Race Result.

Sebastian Vettel Wins! Followed by Fernando Alonso and Lewis Hamilton!

All the cars start out on white-wall tires except for the Marussia's, (probably they are thinking that there is usually a crash at the first corner here, (as per the last four years F1 races); and are also thinking because the cars in front are on softs, that there will be more rubber on the track. The following cars will have better grip).  It will then be a case of thinking about race stratergy.

The race strategy at Spa is one-stop for an optimal race, but the reality is usually two-stops. And, already as I write, (in the third lap now), Vettel has just been advised by the pit team to look after tires!

There will be some heavy wear on those soft tires at this stage in my opinion. However, even if you choose a different tire as the Marussia's have, they might not gain any positions if the rest of the racers have a different strategy . 

Marussia-Cosworth, (Jules Bianchi and Max Chilton), started at 22nd and 23rd and were promptly overtaken by about the third lap and are now 21 and 22 last in the race at lap 9 everyone is still on the track.

All the Marussia's could hope for is to be able to stay out, (perhaps on a one stop strategy, lets see), when all the other cars have to come in for tire-changes at about lap 10 - and yes here they come. The only problem with that is that the other drivers will be on fresh tires as the Marussia's will be half cooked.

Anyway, I am not going to rattle on throughout the race, history will show us what happened. Enjoy.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Gary Anderson explains how tyres, DRS and KERS works

Summer F1 break, withdrawal symptoms?
Its a really long break, too long for this F1 fan. If you are suffering from withdrawal symptoms, I suggest you read through a few old posts here at

Looking out of our private box over an empty pit-lane!

Gary Anderson explains how tyres, DRS and KERS works!

BLUE WALL - Think WATER! 'Tires (or tyres) for Swimming. = Water Blue - Full WETS!'
GREEN WALL - Think - 'Moss-Covered-Wall - Slippery When Wet'.

Now for Breakfast.
Orange Juice - A hard tire (and a hard mans drink! You try ordering an orange-juice in my local with all your mates drinking shots).

Jam - Got it?


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