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Monday, November 18, 2013

F1 2013 Race Brazilian Grand Prix

F1 2013 Race, Brazilian Grand Prix.

Interlagos, 22-24 November
Live on BBC TV and BBC Radio 5 live plus live text commentary online.

Vettel, Webber, Alonso!

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Its all change for next year, with drivers moving to different teams, some drivers moving away from F1 and new rules and regulations in the pipeline. Also the most important change will be the change from the 8 cylinder engines to the 6 cylinder turbo charged engines in 2014.

Driver of the race for this F1 fan is two-fold, Webber for his drive, (even after the team messed up both of his pit stops in this race), he still held onto 2nd position. Next is Max Chilton for his 19 rookie finishes as a newcomer to F1. 

Although we had a dry race, it was still exciting and very interesting, if you did not see this race, make sure you do see it, it is a must for all F1 fans.

F1 Report from Pole Position at
The conditions were treacherous during qualifying, (with Eddie Jordan for the BBC, saying it was about the heaviest rainfall he'd seen for a long time here at Interlagos); Although, according to statistics, it has been the driest year in F1 for approximately 4 years. Lets hope we only see enough rain to make the race interesting and not dangerous.

F1 Comment from Pole Position at
Sebastian Vettel is the most likely to win this race, but this F1 fan would like to see Mark Webber win preferably, since it is his last F1 race. Mark Webber I think, is more resolute about retiring than Schuey was and we will not see his return; It is a real shame and we will miss him.

Unless Mark is under threat of losing his seat at Red Bull, (and I could see that happening in the near future if he weren't leaving), he is in the best car of his career to move forward next year if he had stayed in F1.

Schuey and Webber going out as top competing F1 drivers!
We might be seeing more records of ever-younger drivers, being the first to achieve certain results, but it would be great to see more Michael Schumacher-esk records, with drivers pushing through those age barriers.

Schumacher certainly could have gone on further, as he was still more-competitive than half the other drivers, (that were half his age); And was getting in the top-ten lap-times, in just about every race.
That, my F1 fan-colleagues, is being 'an F1 competing driver'.

Webber is even younger than Schuey was when he retired. I absolutely know and believe Mark Webber has much more to give us, but, his decision to leave F1 is for deeper personal reasons, obviously known only Mark himself.     There is no-doubt that Webber is still in the prime of his career and in the best team and car to win. (Even the pit crew do amazing pit times, with a 1.9 second wheel-change stop-record this season), WOW!

This has been an Formula1Race comment from Pole Position at

Sun 24 November 2013

Race   16:00

F1 Race Result Brazilian GP 2013 for courtesy Formula1-com
F1 Race Result Brazilian GP 2013 for courtesy Formula1-com

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

F1 2013 Race United States Grand Prix

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F1 2013 Race, United States Grand Prix.

Austin, 15-17 November.
Live on BBC Radio 5 live, highlights on BBC TV and live text commentary online.


Sun 17 November 2013
Race  19:00
F1 Race Result United-States GP 2013 for courtesy Formula1-com
F1 Race Result United-States GP 2013 for courtesy Formula1-com

Notes for Qualifying Session: - Jenson Button qualified 13th but was penalised three grid positions for passing under red flags in Practice 1. Charles Pic qualified 21st but penalised five positions (last of the grid), for an unscheduled gearbox change.

There were a couple dramas on the track during qualifying.
  • Adrian Sutil (Force India), dropped out of Q1 after a brake failure.
  • Jenson Button failed to match team mate Sergio Perez's speed and did not make it into the top ten.
  • JB also carries the three place penalty for passing under the red flag in P1.
  • Rosberg, Massa and Maldonado were other none top ten qualifying surprises!


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