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Tuesday, August 30, 2011



Venue: Monza.
Date: Sunday 11 September. 2011.
Lap length: 3.510 miles.
Race laps: 53.
2010 winner: Fernando Alonso. (Ferrari).
First grand prix: 1922.

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Italian Grand Prix.
Monza, 9-11 September.  2011.

Friday 9 September: Practice one - 0900-1030. DONE! for your LIVE timing on your PC!

Friday 9 September: Practice two - 1300-1430. DONE!

Yes, I agree with the BBC commentators, that Schumacher is in a good position to maybe get in the points here. He knows this track well, they said!  That's not exactly the point though. Schuey knows all of the tracks well. He is up there with Barrichello in having raced them all for many years and been there when any alterations to tracks have been made. 

So what is the point?
Well, the point is, that it is not down to just Schuey. (And you all know that I am a big Schumacher fan). This is what I have said; "It is about the team and the package as a whole". 

You cannot win races, if any aspect of what each part of the team does, is failing or not measuring up to the high standards set by the other competing teams!  

You cannot push a tire past its set limits!

For example, I believe that because F1 is now restricted to one tire manufacturer. That each team has to design and run its other engineering on the car, to suit the tires!  Some race set-ups, things like gear ratios and brake balance cannot be too far different from team to team, if they have to look after the same tire type.

You cannot push a tire past its set limits! If you manage to use the maximum braking, without making any mistakes, for the maximum number of laps that the tire can take. And if everyone else does that, then you will have all the cars coming in at the exact same time. That's when you get your processional races.

In days of old, when Schuey was always on top. The processional races were more to do with race packages. If team one is simply better and faster than team two and team two is faster and better than team three, and so on, you will nearly always get a processional races!  

Its all about the package as a whole and how the various pieces come together!

The thing I used to like more about F1 in the 1970's and onward, was that the teams could switch tire manufacturer from season to season. A heavier car, with a different down-force, brake balance and driving style, might lend its-self to using a harder tire than a lighter car with different down-force, brake balance and driving style.  

Its all about the package as a whole and how the various pieces come together! Going back to Schumacher, he has just changed engineer and also has been developing his car set-up throughout the whole season. It took him years to get to his winning streak with Ferrari. Then once you have a winning package, it is just about constantly tweaking it, to keep it in tip top condition.

The real test is yet to come. Qualifying! So lets not count our chickens before they have hatched!

Saturday 10 September: Practice three - 1000-1100. DONE!

It is all about race packages.

Again, the commentators at the BBC have been saying that Schuey is now loosing places. This is not the case, he has not got any places yet! No-one has! What the heck are they on about, positions can only be seen and will emerge in qualifying! Simple as that! That's why its called qualifying!

Schumacher come through the pack (in Belgium), from last on the grid to finish 5th.

I was talking about Schuey, (or any one driver), not being 100% responsible for any outcome. Since it is all about race packages. What we saw in the Belgian GP, was that Schumacher come through the pack from last on the grid to finish 5th and this is exactly the kind of thing I am talking about.

It wouldn't have mattered if Schuey had have had 30 more laps available to him, he probably would have not taken any more positions! If you look back through the past races, practice sessions and qualifying this year. You will see that Schuey's average highest position is about 5th.  This is down to the package as a whole.

So, not counting ordinary racing incidents, that will happen every race, Schuey will average 5th, but might come in higher (or lower), if there is a racing incident that reduces another drivers chances, or sets them back. Other than that, Schuey, just like all the other drivers, will continue to tweak his car, with the aim of increasing that final position. It is rocket science, it really is! 

Saturday 10 September: Qualifying - 1300-1400. DONE! F1 Italian 2011 Qualifying
F1 Italian GP RACE DAY!

Top Tweets For This Race.

Pole Position
Did you just hear the fans on the starting grid, behind the commentators, 
Chanting NO MORE SKY! NO MORE SKY! Get the message!
  • Wow, this is the best #F1 racing we have seen this season! #BBCF1, BBC Commentary Excellent!
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  • This is a REAL race, you know who is making all of this so exciting. Well it is old Schuey! Have the FIA forgotten this is a RACE! #BBCF1 
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Thank You Coulthard!
David Coulthard commentary on Michael Schumachers first five or ten laps, dead on the ball. Matching perfectly to what I was saying yesterday, (text above). About the fact that Schuey is not the only reason that the team is currently in third position as I write.

Yes, the final part of the equation is the skill of the driver, but it is just as important to have the car set-up, brake balance bias, engine tuning, gear ratios, tire compound choice, (and I would have said tire manufacturer choice and fueling, but they have taken all that away away from us. Silly FIA).

Pole Position
Schuey yielded to Hamilton on Lap 28. Great, Schuey's tires must be going off. 
Plus he knows Hamilton now has a faster package! , ,

So, this is what happens!  Throughout the race the package is under constant change, not only is the car getting lighter all the time, as the fuel is used up, but tires and brakes come in to their top condition and the start to go off and lose effectiveness.

The fuel, refueling point I like to make, is that Schuey and other top drivers like Barichello would have a better chance if refueling was brought back.  Refueling gives us better and more unpredictable  races and more complex race strategies are needed from the F1 teams.

Pole Position
Did you just hear the fans on the starting grid, behind the commentators, 
Get the message!

Drivers like Barichello, Alonzo, Massa and of course Schumacher and many other racing dinosaurs can deal with a car suddenly getting heavier as fuel is added, whilst still having to use brakes that are well past their sell-by-date! This is what makes racing unpredictable and interesting.

Pole Position
We love David Coulthard and Eddie Jordan, for pointing out that 
Schuey is simply a great racing driver. VIVA Great commentary.

Race Day!
Sunday 11 September: Race - 1300.UK BST.
Courtesy for you LIVE F1 Timings and

P.S. - And I just thought I'd point out, what I said yesterday, about Schuey! 
 The highest we could expect was 5th, I said!

"Schuey will average 5th!"
Well, there you go! (Co-inky-dink)?

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Thursday, August 4, 2011

How to Watch F1 Online

To watch online, you will need the BBC Sport website, (the first link below), when you get to the site, if there is a current live broadcast it will say 'live' in the red box, top left of the picture!


As the British F1 fans have known for some time, we have lost a lot of the 2012 live F1 coverage.
For whatever reasons, there is no-point crying over spilled-milk, we will just have to roll with it.
If you have BBC Red Button or HD / Online you will be able to see most of the F1 2012 coverage, all be-it not always live.

BBC's LIVE F1 TV Grands Prix Coverage.

    * 15 April: China
    * 13 May: Spain
    * 27 May: Monaco
    * 24 June: Europe
    * 8 July: Britain
    * 2 September: Belgium
    * 23 September: Singapore
    * 14 October: Korea
    * 4 November: Abu Dhabi
    * 25 November: Brazil

Click on the big picture and then once that loads, click the big picture again! This is the PLAY link, during a live session.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011



Venue: Spa-Francorchamps.
Date: Sunday. 28 August. 2011.
Lap length: 4.352 miles.
Race laps: 44.

Monday, August 1, 2011

BBC F1 2012 Coverage Reduced

Is Bernie thinking too-big for his boots? 

You cannot liken F1 to football, when it comes to audience numbers or following.

F1 is a smaller niche sport than football, as much as we love it, it has to be said that F1 is not every-ones cup-of-tea.  I think, (well, at least it sounds to me like), that Bernie Ecclestone thinks he should get the same type of deal from the BBC that football coverage gets.

He does not care about the F1 fans and he would rather that they turn-up track-side and pay the extortionate prices for tickets, food and amenities.

He probably has never had to think about if he could afford to pay his mortgage this month, or if other family members are as enamored with the thought of spending their summer holidays watching one F1 race, because dad wants to have an F1 experience at least once a year.

That's all most of us working-class F1 fans can afford Bernie!

The BBC should say, "Look Bernie, you are still a small niche sport, the BBC do loads to forward F1 through-out the whole world with their coverage and you need to recognise that, by giving the BBC unlimited access and any special deal that they need.

This sport is getting too expensive all round, not just for the teams, but the fans too!

What do you think F1 fans? 

Please take part in the Poll in the sidebar!

Are F1 Tickets too expensive?

I certainly will not be getting Sky just to watch F1 alone, because that is all I would need it for!
I / we do not watch much TV as it is, due to too many repeats and reality TV programs, that are, (lets face it), cheap palm-offs for real TV programs.

More from the BBC, on the F1 deal.

This is a Pole Position Post.

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BBC F1 Coverage

F1 on BBC Three and BBC Four?

Addition to this post on 26th Aug 2011.
Adding to this post from the start of the season, about BBC3 and BBC4 channels being unused during F1, or where the BBC have to take off the F1 or move F1 to BBC2 to cover other sporting events like tennis or golf.

My addition is due to the notice that we will loose half the F1 coverage on the BBC for 2012, to Sky TV. We F1 fans are very annoyed with the BBC for letting this happen. We are also annoyed with Bernie Ecclestone for his greed.


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