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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Can KERS be beaten?

The Return of KERS

With the new Drag Reduction System, (DRS) movable rear wings, a new tyre supplier with all teams using identical Pirelli tyres, the 107% qualifying rule and more; It is the return of KERS, that is the most exciting  regulation change of all for Formula One in 2011.

Now that the KERS system has been reintroduced for 2011, (after the teams mutually agreed to suspend their use throughout the 2010 season), the drivers who have it are really finally getting to grips with it!
What are the effects when KERS is combined with DRS?

Once the drivers have learned how to use it, can they be beaten by non-KERS cars drivers? Surely it can only come down to race strategy for non-KERS cars teams; - having better lap-times, no incidents with other cars, perfect pit-stops and fewer pit-stops.

As I update this post today 2011 April 10th - we have just witnessed the Red Bulls do very well without KERS due to a fault that developed during the race!  The Red Bull cars have been quick for all sorts of other reasons, not least that Webber and Vettle are the leading drivers to date!

During the race, other teams even knew of the Red Bulls KERS failure, via the BBC1 reports on their garage  TV!   It is good that teams make use of all the information available. Without actually having a spy on the inside in other competing teams, the next best thing is to just watch the telly!  Great stuff, but no-doubt, someone will pipe-up and complain!  Perhaps we will see a ban on TV's in the pit-lane before long, ha ha!

See this YouTube Vid - F1 KERS system 2009 -

New for 2011 - No F-Ducts or Double Diffusers Allowed!
The main reason for the ban on F-Ducts; is as we thought back in 2010. Due to the fact that it is a bit on the dangerous side, to have a driver having to keep his hand or elbow covering a hole or operating a device similarly by a procedure which uses a driver movement as a means of altering the aerodynamics of the car!

Also the regulations on stepped floors means Exhaust Double Diffusers in their original sense are also banned.

Read more about it Exhaust Diffusers F1 Aerodynamics

Combining DRS and KERS!
Is anyone else talking about this? What are the effects when KERS is combined with DRS?
Under new moveable bodywork regulations, cars equipped with DRS, can adjust the rear wing from the cockpit, altering its angle of incidence through a set range.

The Drag Reduction System is electronically controlled and can be used in practice and qualifying (unless a driver is on wet-weather tyres).

However, during the race, DRS can only be activated when a driver is less than one second behind another car at pre-determined points on the track. The system is then deactivated once the driver brakes.

In combination with KERS, it is designed to boost overtaking. Also like KERS, it isn’t compulsory.

KERS RaceCar Engineering

Who KERS - You should, learn the basics


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