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Sunday, June 27, 2010



Mark Webber Wins!

F1 Silvertone Race Summary.
Driver of the race for this F1 Fan - Mark Webber without doubt. (For all the reasons stated in my 'Thoughts during race' comment below. Can you hear the team radio, Red Bull "Can you manage a smile now"? (If I were Mark Webber, I'd say), 'Yes, but no thanks to you for pinching my front wing and making my race even more difficult'! - On the other hand, there is the fact that I think that incident alone made Mark Webber angry and mad enough to win. It gave him the aggression he needed!

 1st Mark Webber. POETIC JUSTICE TO RED BULL - I agree with the BBC commentary.
2nd L. Hamilton.
3rd N. Rosberg.

4th J. Button.
5th R. Barrichello.
6th K. Kobayashi.

7th S. Vettel.
8th A. Sutil.
9th M. Schumacher.

10th N. Hulkenberg.
11th V. Luzzi.
12th S. Buemi.

Second man of the race, has to be Vettel. For a great comeback response after getting a puncture on the 1st lap, to climb up to 7th! Very Schumacher-esque!

My thoughts during race.
Time 13.47 Mark Webber needs to win this race, just to teach the Red Bulls team bosses a lesson, that they should treat their drivers with respect and not try to penalise one driver to benefit another, (if that driver does not deserve that treatment).

I am referring, of course to the front wing being taken from Webber's car, to be put onto Vettel's car, when Vettel had already broken his.  Resulting in Webber getting his older previous wing, that he had not driven or set-up at Silverstone! The two nose wings are different and give different handling and performance to the car.

Next, you see Webber not yield to Vettel and Vettel running off the track! (Definitely his own fault)! Like BBC commentators said, Webber must be thinking, 'You've got my wing, I'm not giving you track position as well!' - I agree. Why should a driver have to yield to his team mate if they are not running under team orders.

Again, I refer to the drivers contracts. I seem to remember Red Bulls saying earlier in the year, that they did not operate a 'team-orders' policy. (accept that you should avoid taking your team mate out with any risky overtaking. I think that is logical and goes without saying)!

So, apart from the above, Webber had track position and racing line; and was within his rights to hold position and not yield to Vettel. Vettel should have took up position behind Webber and not risked damaging both cars or going off track himself. Then chosen a better and safer time and place to overtake Webber. (If he even could)! I hope Webber wins this one!

BBC Commentary states that, talk in the pit lane is that Vettel cannot overtake. Well, he did a reasonable job on Michael Schumacher. True, Schuey could have defended harder, but Schuey will have realised Vettel has a faster and better handling car and would not have risked; 1, Holding Vettel up and all that bad press that goes along with it, and 2, Not wanted to risk a collision!

Friday Practice Comment.
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Simulation Testing.
You will have heard a lot of commentators mention formula one simulation testing, using computer based race simulations. Various team drivers talked about how the testing simulation doesn't simulate weather effects etc. It's more about running a simulation of wear and tear on components.

Often this is just extrapolated from a computer running a program and not someone actually driving a computer simulated car, although, this is also often done. You may be interested in the best F1 Racing Simulation available to the general public! Fancy a go in an F1 Sim car? You will have to wait till September for the latest version of F1 2010. See my other page on the blog.


I thought I'd try a different approach than usual, to reporting on the Qualifying sessions. I'll just give this format a go. I may go back to my other style or Qualifying report.

 (Verse 3 of 3).
There were 10 left on the track,
and the FIA said,
Start your engines, start your engines.

So the ten rolled down the track,
but none dropped out!
Still 10 were left, yet you could hear the Red Bulls shout,
Hurray, Hooray yay!

Top 10 grid.
1st 1:29.615 S. Vettel.
2nd 1:29.758 M. Webber.
3rd 1:30.426 F. Alonso.

4th 1:30.556 L.Hamilton.
5th 1:30.625 N. Rosberg.
6th 1:31.040 R. Kubica.

7th 1:31.172 F. Massa.
8th 1:31.175 R. Barrichello.
9th 1:31.274 P. De La Rosa.

10th 1:31.430 M. Schumacher.

(Verse 2 of 3).
There were 17 left on the track,
and the FIA said,

So seventeen rolled down the track,
and seven dropped out!
only 10 were left, yet you could hear the seven shout,
Oh nooo-oh, Oh no-oh.
(to be continued above).

WHO'S OUT after Quali 2.
11th A. Sutil.
12th K. Kobayashi.
13th N. Hulkenberg.
14th J. Button.
15th V. Luzzi.
16th V. Petrov.
17th S. Buemi.
A sing-a-long for you. (Sing to "There were 10 in the bed and the little one said@, (what's that tune called, whats that tune called)?

(Verse 1 of 3).
There were 24 in the bed,
and the FIA said,
Start your engines, start your engines.

So they all rolled down the track,
and seven dropped out!
17 were left, and you could hear the seven shout,
Oh nooo-oh, Oh no-oh.
(to be continued above).

WHO'S OUT after Quali 1.
18th J. Alguersuari.
19th H. Kovalainen.
20th T. Glock.
21st J. Trulli.
22nd L. DeGrassi.
23rd K. Chandok.
24th S. Yamamoto.

Additional note: - (Since an F1 Twitter follower just asked).
Its like a shoot-out at the OK corral; everyone goes out in the first qualifying session.

At the end, the 7 slowest drivers get shelved, (in order of their qualifying time), until the start of the race.

The remaining drivers get to have another chance to get to the front of the grid in the second qualifying session. The session is run again and a further 7 drivers drop out of the final top 10 grid positions.

The 7 drop into their respective race start grid order. The 10 remaining fastest drivers get a last chance to shoot for the pole position. When that session is over, that is the final grid! That's it really.

 Pole Position.
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You should use this blog, as your main place to connect with the rest of the web, for your F1 enjoyment!
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Practice Session Three Results.
 1st 1:30.958 S. Vettel.
2nd 1:30.992 M. Webber.
3rd 1:31.101 F. Alonso.

4th 1:31.188 N. Rosberg.
5th 1:31.240 F. Massa.
6th 1:31.519 R. Kubica.

7th 1:31.549 L. Hamilton.
8th 1:31.555 M. Schumacher.
9th 1:31.559 P. De La Rosa.

10th 1:31.581 R. Barrichello.
11th 1:31.698 V. Petrov.
12th 1:31.703 J. Button.

Practice Session Two Results.
 1st 1:31.234 M. Webber. 
2nd 1:31.626 F. Alonso.
3rd 1:31.875 S. Vettel.

4th 1:32.099 F. Massa.
5th 1:32.166 N. Rosberg.
6th 1:32.660 M. Schumacher.

7th 1:32.745 V. Petrov.
8th 1:32.757 L. Hamilton.
9th 1:32.787 A. Sutil.

10th 1:32.967 R. Barrichello.
11th 1:33.019 R. Kubica.
12th 1:33.164 N. Hulkenberg.

Practice Session One Results.
1st 1:32.280 S. Vettel.
2nd 1:32.614 L. Hamilton.
3rd 1:32.725 R. Kubica.

4th 1:32.747 M. Webber.
5th 1:32.968 A. Sutil.
6th 1:33.318 N. Rosberg.

7th 1:33.377 N. Hulkenberg.
8th 1:33.519 J. Button.
9th 1:33.955 M. Schumacher.

10th 1:34.016 R. Barrichello.
11th 1:34.132 S. Buemi.
12th 1:34.365 V. Petrov.

As is pointed out by many teams, 1st practice is mainly used to get a feel for the track conditions and car handling. So don't put too much store in these times!
Like F. Alonzo being 13th with 1:34.490 or F. Massa in 17th 1:35.037 et al.
The surprises are yet to come!

Venue: Silverstone, Northamptonshire.
Date: Sunday 11 July.
Lap length: 3.194 miles.
(unless planned track changes are introduced for 2010).
Race laps: 60.
2009 winner: Sebastian Vettel. (Red Bull).
First grand prix: 1948.

Fri 9 July 2010 
Practice 1-   10:00 - 11:30 UK BST .
Practice 2-  14:00 - 15:30

Sat 10 July 2010
Practice 3-   10:00 - 11:00
Qualifying   13:00

Sun 11 July 2010
Race           13:00

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Sunday, June 13, 2010


EUROPEAN GRAND PRIX. Sunday June 27th.

RACE RESULTS (Pending Resolutions).:
1st. S. Vettel.
2nd. L. Hamilton.
3rd. J. Button.

4th. R. Barrichello.
5th. R. Kubica.
6th. A. Sutil.

1st. S. Vettel.
2nd. M. Webber.
3rd. L. Hamilton.

4th. F. Alonso.
5th. F. Massa.
6th. R. Kubica.

Practice THREE results:
1st. 1:38.052 S. Vettel.
2nd. 1:38.154 R. Kubica.
3rd. 1:38.313 M. Webber.

4th. 1:38.500 A. Sutil.
5th. 1:38.513 F. Alonso.
6th. 1:38.623 R. Barrichello.

Practice TWO results:
1st. 1:39.283 F. Alonso.
2nd. 1:39.339 S. Vettel.
3rd. 1:39.427 M. Webber.

4th. 1:39.650 N. Rosberg.
5th. 1:39.749 L. Hamilton.
6th. 1:39.880 R. Kubica.

Practice ONE results:
1st. 1:41.175 N. Rosberg.
2nd. 1:41.339 L. Hamilton.
3rd. 1:41.383 J. Button.

4th. 1:41.715 R. Kubica.
5th. 1:42.182 F Massa.
6th. 1:42.216 S. Vettel.

Click Here for - BBC Sport's F1 RESULTS.

Venue: Valencia, Spain.
Circuit Name: Valencia Street Circuit.
Date: Sunday 27 June.
Lap length: 3.367 miles. / 5.419 km.
Race Distance: 308.883 km.
Lap Record: 1:38.683. T. Glock. (2009).
Race laps: 57.
2009 winner: Rubens Barrichello. (Team Brawn).
First grand prix: 2008.

Fri 25 June 2010
Practice 1-  10:00 - 11:30 UK BST
Practice 2- 14:00 - 15:30
              Sat 26 June 2010
Practice 3- 11:00 - 12:00
Qualifying 14:00
               Sun 27 June 2010
Race 14:00

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