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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Hard or Soft? (tyres).

Gaining advantage with tyres...

Soft tyres keep more heat than hard compound at lower speeds. Advantage when starting or resuming race after safety car = more grip!

An interesting advantage develops when cars are following the safety car, cars run too slow to hold temperature, the tyre pressure drops as tyres cool and gives lower ride height.

This can cause problems other than loss of grip! F1 cars are already set to run just millimeters from the surface, the lower tyre pressure reduces the clearance over the bumpy uneven parts of the track..

Also hitting the kerbs on the apex, hammers the underside of the car. This has compounding effects on the cars handling, re- steering, grip and driver stress!

So, F1 strategy IS all about HOT AIR! I think people who do not understand the basic strategy and exciting technical stuff about the sport, don't enjoy the race as much.


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