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Friday, June 14, 2013

F1 2013 Race, British Grand Prix.

Andy's Banners at Blogging-For-Profit-co-uk Andy's Banners at Blogging-For-Profit-co-uk

F1 2013 Race, British Grand Prix.

Rosberg, Webber, Alonso!

Silverstone, 28-30 June.
Live on BBC TV and BBC Radio 5 live plus live text commentary online.

Man of the race for this F1 fan has to be Mark Webber, for after a poor start, he brought himself all the way back to 2nd on the podium and made some great overtaking maneuvers in the process.

There was a lot of pointless hoo-har about tires and their fallibility, after several teams suffered punctures, but it was down to nothing more than splintered carbon fibers on the track from the many minor collisions and wheel to wheel racing we saw in this race.

No tires can take the kinds of punctures made by carbon splinters at the kinds of speeds we have round Silverstone and survive.  The only way to avoid punctures is not to drive over the carbon fibers in the first place.
A good race all round.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

F1 2013 Race, Canadian Grand Prix.

Andy's Banners at Blogging-For-Profit-co-uk 

F1 2013 Race, Canadian Grand Prix.

Vettel, Alonso, Hamilton!

Montreal, 7-9 June.
Live on BBC TV and BBC Radio 5 live plus live text commentary online.
Based on information from the BBC Sports F1 Website.

For this F1 fan, the single man of the race has to be Fernando Alonso, for holding in there against huge pressure, mostly my vote goes to him for tactical driving, (staying ahead). But, this race has two other drivers that stand out for me, Felipe Massa, (I am a big fan of Massa). and Paul De Resta (surprisingly! Because I am not usually a fan of De Resta's driving style). 

And, I naturally avoid taking notice of De Resta, for the similar reasons I mentioned further down this post. Like Grosjean, De Resta was another driver that some stupid F1 commentators were taunting us Schumacher fans with, saying last year that he could possibly replace Schuey, (even before the end of the season, ha ha ha ha, I never laughed so much in my life). No way!

No-one is talking about De Resta (apart for Coulthard commentating for the BBC, who noticed on lap 58 that De Resta was doing great, I was shouting at the TV monitor, (as you do) long before that);

Both De Resta and Felipe Massa had fantastic drives, coming from way back on the grid at 17th and 16th respectively, to finish at 7th and 8th respectively. Wow! Especially for De Resta, I didn't think he had that in him! I will be keeping my eye on him, maybe he is improving and learning after all. Some drivers just get stuck in a rut, either its the car, the team or themselves. 

They usually cannot do anything about the first two!


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