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Friday, July 29, 2011

How to Watch the F1 GP Online

To watch online, you will need the BBC Sport website, (the first link below), when you get to the site, if there is a current live broadcast it will say 'live' in the red box, top left of the picture!

Click on the big picture and then once that loads, click the big picture again!  This is the PLAY link, during a live session. 

There are also boxes along the lower edge of that picture or live streaming broadcast, during F1 sessions. These are links to the driver tracking and other commentary and selected videos of the past sessions. 

Here's the link to watch online!

Live Video
TV + 5 LIVE Sport Extra

This is the link to get the live timing on your PC! It is only available during the live session times!
on your PC

Please try to keep this site open and refresh the page from time to time during the race.

You will also want to follow Formula1Race on Twitter. I will try to stay ahead of the news for you.

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Pole Position.

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