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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Will we loose the Australian F1 Race?

Oz boss warns:- Don't insult the F1 brand!

Whats all this now? Bernie Ecclestone hits out at the Ausi-GP again....

With claims of attendance dropping at the Australian F1 Race and the Melbourne taxpayers having to pick up the tab, the future of a Melbourne race looks to be in peril.

The Mayor of Melbourne, Robert Doyle had made comments, questioning the value of holding an F1 race.
Bernie Ecclestone responded to the German media saying that 'Formula One didn't need Australia'!

Oz boss Ron Walker, the chairman of the Australian Grand Prix, said that Bernie Ecclestone feels let-down by the Australian Mayors comments.

The Pole Position Point of View:- I don't really think that those comments should be taken as an insult. It is a real concern in this day and age, when we have had recession after recession and tax-payers are being asked to fork over even more money to fund government spending.

However, I think there should be more imaginative efforts put into getting visitors to the F1 events. I reckon that lowering the entrance fee for fans, in its-self, would encourage more to attend. This would therefore result in more money taken at the gate. Perhaps even better pricing of food and drink available at the race.

One of my concerns, (even though I have money), is that I feel ripped-off sometimes, by the extortionate prices for food and drink at the F1 events. If I take my family of wife and five kids and mother or mother-in-law, in tow, it is a very expensive do. What do you think about that, please comment if you wish!

Ron Walker fears this could mean the end of the Australian F1 GP.  Lets hope that this is all just a media misinterpretation and there is no insult taken or intended. It would be a shame to loose the Australian Formula One Grand Prix.

I don't doubt though, that some other major Australian city, won't take up hosting the F1 if Melbourne gets removed from the F1 calendar!

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