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Thursday, June 2, 2011



Venue: Circuit Gilles Villeneuve, Montreal.
Date: Sunday. 12 June. 2011.
Lap length: 2.71 miles.
Race laps: 70.
2010 winner: Lewis Hamilton. (McLaren).
First grand prix: 1978.

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Canadian Grand Prix.
Circuit Gilles Villeneuve, Montreal, 10-12 June.
Friday 10 June: Practice one. - 1500-1630. DONE!

Friday 10 June: Practice two .- 1900-2030.DONE!

Saturday 11 June: Practice three - 1500-1600.

Saturday 11 June:  Qualifying - 1800-1900.
 There have not really been any out of the ordinary events, in practice and qualifying, just good racing today!

Sunday 12 June: Race - 1800.
Apart from an exciting start, where we had a few tense moments with collision after collision, (all just simple racing incidents in my opinion due to the wet conditions), we now have the Canadian F1 Car Sailing Championship!  Its a wonder why they didn't just stop the race even earlier than they did.

Could you hear me shouting at the TV?

Now we have been in race stopped mode for about an hour, I don't think the race will restart today.
In these unusual conditions, why doesn't the FIA just ask, (and if all the teams agree), to initially return to their pit garages.  At least the teams car keep the cars in a more race worthy state than leaving them and their drivers just sitting on the grid.  I think its pure stupidity!

Wow! We actually got the whole race done and what a race!  This was some of the most exciting racing we have had this season.  I really think that we should have a return to refueling during the race, and more race-tire manufacturers.

I really thought that this race would have never got restarted.  Did you notice how well Schumacher did.  It's not about having the fastest car, (although that helps).  It is about skill in difficult driving conditions. This is why Schumy, AKA The Rain Man, did so well.

Even if Schuey had have got on the podium, it would have been more to do with his more apt skill in the rain and conversely, the others drivers having the difficult driving conditions.  Whatever anyone has to say about schuey, they cannot say that he is not competitive!

I think it has been a really great race, and probably the one I am going to remember that stands out this season.  Driver of the race for this F1 fan, has to be two fold, Webber for his decisions, skill and maturity that is so noticeable at nearly ever race this season and secondly of course Schuey, for showing all the ney-sayers, that he still has what it takes!

As far as all the arguments over the many race incidents, that the officials have yet to decide upon. The FIA should just forget the drivers indiscretions and let teams that have had their drivers make errors, decide on their drivers punishments, if any.  The basis for this, is that the race conditions have been very difficult and the incidents can be easily attributed to those difficult conditions. That's just my opinion!

We will have to wait and see what the FIA decide. Lets hope that the outcome does not alter the race standings!

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