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Why I enjoy F1 at home, instead of track side!

I enjoy Formula One, the look of the cars, the venues and the strategy that goes into winning F1 races.

I prefer to watch at home, (especially when it is teaming down with rain). I especially enjoy being able to see all of the race, (basically for free online and on TV), as opposed to paying high entrance fees just to sit on a hard seat or wet grass all day and only get to see a small portion of the track.

I enjoy being able to see the live-timings online, whilst I watch the race, and being able to get up and go to my own private loo and get back to the race within a minute, instead of queuing 20 minutes for a leak in a disgusting stink hole with a lot of strangers. (If my kids had to go to the loo, I'd have to take them too and miss even more of the race)! Is this really what some people consider great family fun?

What's my secret to not having to go to work for a living?
It's available to you too, you just have to have a dream and know how to go after it!

My friend attended track side in Spain, with a view to sending track side reports to the blog. I had advised against it. He lost his laptop, (which did not work anyway, since there was no wi-fi broadband coverage),  when his hire car was burglarised in the car park.

He had to que 2 hours to get in to the car park and race stand, missed half the race due to queuing for burgers and toilets, then struggled for 2 hours trying to leave the race compound where his car was parked.

Why would anyone go through all of that, when they could stay home for free and watch every bit online and on TV in the comfort of their own home? I know where I'd rather be!


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