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This is my Sebastian Vettel F1 Fan Page, where I have collected some of my favorite videos about a truly great driver! Seb Vettel is the 2011 F1 World Champion and has really done it with style and true sportsmanship all throughout the season!

I may change these videos from time to time or update them if they stop working or are removed. So please return from time to time if you are a Sebastian Vettel fan like me, I may have something new for you.

Sebastian Vettel Pride At Equaling Nigel Mansell Pole Record: BBC F1 2011 - Round 18: Abu Dhabi GP.

Sebastian Vettel's Pole Record - Abu Dhabi - F1 2011 - Round 18 - Formula 1.

I love the honesty in this man! He admits he was a little too greedy, wanting more of the corner than the track could provide. I think Vettel is another Schumacher in the making!

Sebastian Vettel explains Crash in FP2 Abu Dhabi - BBC - F1 2011 - Round 18 - Formula 1

In the next video, at 2.32 minutes in, you can hear the no knowledge- No F1 experience, - 'F1 None driver', No - F1 understanding, (except for being a BBC commentator), Jake Humphries, make a stupid remark to Vettel.

'Maybe you were just due some bad luck"! - What a total newb!
(Maybe I should have altered the spelling and started with a 'K').


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