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There have been many reports about Michael Schumacher's recovery since his accident on Dec 29 2013. To make sure you get the latest up-to-date news, here is a link or two to news articles and reports.

Schumacher Song:

Schuey News
2014-10-05 I am surprised that the BBC don't really do any TV reporting on Michael Schumachers condition. Have they forgotten about the greatest racing driver of all time? Don't you think they should at least give us an update every few races on TV.
I have made comments and requests regarding this to the BBC but I have had no reply ever.

Here's the latest on Michael Schumacher for you!

Schumacher Recovery.
The important news this weekend for many fans like myself is that Michael Schumacher is finally out of his coma. If he has full use of his mental faculties and physical body he will soon be back up to normal fitness levels for Schumi standards, considering how fit and well trained he was before the accident. 
BBC's Profile of Michael Schumacher -

Accident- French Alps - Schumacher.
Michael Schumacher - in a medically induced come after a skiing accident in the French Alps. December 29th 2013.  After helping a friend in his skiing party who had fallen, Schuey crossed a small drift of snow and tripped on rocks, hitting his head with a devastating blow. The medically induced coma was implemented in order to operate in his brain and reduce further damage. Relaxing the brain and body was the only was to aid Michaels Recovery.

Schuey News. Pole Position  @Formula1Race

  • Michael Schumacher on 300th GP and honorary citizenship: Michael Schumacher discusses being awarded...(See next link below).  # 'Statistically the greatest driver the sport has ever seen, the German has racked up 91 wins, 155 podiums, 68 pole positions and 77 fastest laps over the opening 299 races of his career.'
  • Schuey Says: “Spa is like my living room; for me, it's clearly the number one race track in the world; It's uncanny how I always seem to have special moments there - my debut, my first win, a world championship victory and many great races.

Here is a selection of the best videos for and about Michael Schumacher, the greatest racing driver of his time without doubt. He is a legend in his own lifetime. Whilst there are other drivers similar to him, that are or were world class when he was at the peak of his career, none have come close to amassing the world firsts, many world records and achievements that Michael Schumacher has done!

Michael Schumacher from vb on Vimeo.
A nice piece the BBC put together about Michael Schumacher

Michael Schumacher Looks Forward To 2012: BBC F1 2011 - From Round 14: Singapore GP

Didn't you just know it, confirmed by Coulthard himself! Coulthard is showing us all how committed Schumacher is to F1, as he says, Schuey was still working when everyone else had long left the track!

This is just one of the many reasons why Michael is head and shoulders above the rest of the drivers.

As I write this, it is the Abu Dhabi F1GP 2011, its race-day. Eddie Jordan, Ex F1 team boss and team owner, presenting for BBC Sport said; To any new F1 fans who don't realize some basic characteristics about F1 Sport and how it differs from other sports.

"In F1, the cars performance is about 80% of the overall package"!

To any new F1 followers, they must understand that, in F1, 'generally the best drivers get the best cars'.

Also, he added that, unlike in any other sport, where the tools of the sport are more neutral to the outcome. (Like a tennis racket can be wielded by a pro or a novice, the racket itself will not effect the performance very much).. However, in F1, the cars performance is about 80% of the overall package!

As a long time Fan of F1, I agree!

Michael Schumacher as The Stig in Top Gear.

Sound quality is not the best it could be, but this is the most complete version of the show online, featuring Michael Schumacher that I could find.

Michael Schumacher as The Stig in Top Gear from SilenceStudio on Vimeo.

Please wait whilst I show you some Michael Schumacher Books and memorabilia! (See below)!


Pole Position.
Return to this page / post from time to time and I will update it with any new news and info about Michael Schumacher that I think - Schumacher fans like me - will love.

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