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Sunday, July 24, 2011

F1 GP Team Orders

Team Orders in F1.

The Pole Position View!
Should team orders be allowed and what are the benefits?
Team orders should be allowed, if we only needed one reason for team orders, it would be that it is too difficult to police. How can an outside organisation, like the FIA, tell if team orders are being used?

Team Orders.
Teams have always used team orders, even drivers who think they are not following team orders actually are. As a driver, if your race manager or team director or engineer tell you that you have to slow or come-in, then you have to obey.

Of course we are talking about a specific use of team orders, primarily when one driver is told to move over in favour of a team mate. Ross Brawn said it right in a BBC interview shown during the BBC coverage of the Monza F1 Qualifying on the 11th of September 2010.

Ross Brawn.
Brawn said; 'The average F1 fan will understand that if you have a chance to win a point or even the championship, by letting one driver get ahead of another, then that's what you have got to do!' Speaking for myself as a fan, then I do understand and expect this to happen.

No man is an island.
I agree that this does not always benefit the individual driver, but if we had it made clear that team orders are a part of racing, then either driver can claim winning team points if that team wins the championship. There can only be one person on the 1st podium position, but the drivers team mate, can also take partial credit for that podium position.

F1 2010 on Xbox and PS3.

A more interesting race?
Having team orders will give us a more interesting race. We spectators don't always know what is going on within the teams. A certain track may suit one driver and not another.

Perhaps even though the teams 'A' driver, (the one with most of the driver points), is slower than their 'B' driver in most races. With the 'B' driver faster on a particular track, we would not expect or may not be expecting for the team to tell the faster 'B' driver to let his team-mate past. It leads to an unknown result and less predictable race.

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