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Saturday, April 11, 2015

Chinese F1 Grand Prix 2015

Chinese F1 Grand Prix 2015
Race Details. (Courtesy BBC Sport).

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Hamilton Wins!
Rosberg and Vettel bring up the rear!

 Hamilton - Rosberg - Vettel - Chinese F1 GP 2015 Result

Man of the Race!
Man of the race for this F1 Fan was Max Verstappen, even though he had a DNF when his gearbox locked up his back wheels and prematurely ended his race.  Why? -  His overtaking maneuvers were classic F1 stuff that movies are made about.  

Opinion and Comment
I personally think that Max Verstappen could be a future world champion. If he keeps pulling moves like he did in his Chinese 2015 F1 race here today.  Reminds me of a young Michael Schumacher with those absolutely great overtakes. 
For the BBC coverage times, see BBC Sport here!

Chinese Grand Prix

Shanghai, 10-12 April
Race coverage on SKY Sports is from 5.30am UK time.

Live Chinese GP: Track Parade

    Sun 12th Apr, 5:30am
 The build-up to the 2015 Chinese Grand Prix from the Shanghai International Circuit. Plus, a review of the qualifying session and interviews with drivers ahead of the race. Also in HD   Courtesy of SKY TV Click Here. 

Qualifying Result.
Hamilton on Pole  - then Rosberg and Vettel.

Chinese F1 GP 2015 courtesy of for

For your entertainment!
F1 Tooned Episode 1 - A Night To Remember!

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Based on information from the BBC Sports F1 Website.

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