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Monday, August 1, 2011

BBC F1 2012 Coverage Reduced

Is Bernie thinking too-big for his boots? 

You cannot liken F1 to football, when it comes to audience numbers or following.

F1 is a smaller niche sport than football, as much as we love it, it has to be said that F1 is not every-ones cup-of-tea.  I think, (well, at least it sounds to me like), that Bernie Ecclestone thinks he should get the same type of deal from the BBC that football coverage gets.

He does not care about the F1 fans and he would rather that they turn-up track-side and pay the extortionate prices for tickets, food and amenities.

He probably has never had to think about if he could afford to pay his mortgage this month, or if other family members are as enamored with the thought of spending their summer holidays watching one F1 race, because dad wants to have an F1 experience at least once a year.

That's all most of us working-class F1 fans can afford Bernie!

The BBC should say, "Look Bernie, you are still a small niche sport, the BBC do loads to forward F1 through-out the whole world with their coverage and you need to recognise that, by giving the BBC unlimited access and any special deal that they need.

This sport is getting too expensive all round, not just for the teams, but the fans too!

What do you think F1 fans? 

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Are F1 Tickets too expensive?

I certainly will not be getting Sky just to watch F1 alone, because that is all I would need it for!
I / we do not watch much TV as it is, due to too many repeats and reality TV programs, that are, (lets face it), cheap palm-offs for real TV programs.

More from the BBC, on the F1 deal.

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