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Sunday, April 18, 2010

How to get Official LIVE TIMINGS on your PC,
whilst you watch the F1 Race!

Here's the info some of you requested regarding LIVE TIMINGS!

I've had a few comments via Direct Message at Formula1Race on Twitter

1, Go to and register with them to receive access to Official LIVE TIMINGS - its FREE!

2, MAKE SURE YOU CONFIRM YOUR EMAIL, BY GOING TO YOUR EMAIL ACCOUNT AND LEFT CLICKING THE LINK IN THE EMAIL! This will open a new window that will ask you if you want to sign in. (usually, you are already signed in from the registration screen, but still click to sign in just in case, it won't hurt to do this).

3, Click the MENU link along the top of the site banner that says LIVE TIMINGS. Then click the screen resolution you want to view in, I think that LARGE VIEW is the only serious choice. Also, definitely have a separate window for this, NOT TABS!

* If your computer is not up to date with JAVA, a message will pop up to ask if you want to install a JAVA application - THIS IS OK, JAVA is well trusted and is on nearly every type, make and model of computer system already, it is 100% safe. You probably will not even have to restart your computer, it is a seamless natural installation!

* Once you have the required update to JAVA you can refresh the LIVE TIMINGS screen, and so long as you didn't sign out of you should get the LIVE TIMINGS screen.

*You can minimize the LIVE TIMINGS screen, so that you can see this Formula1Race Blog and Formula1Race on Twitter too ;-)

Enjoy the race!
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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Formula 1 2010 - world venue map
and circuit guide from BBC Sport!

Want to know...

Race Venue Location:
Lap length:
Race laps:
2009 winner:
First grand prix:
Fascinating fact:

Formula 1 2010 - BBC SPORT -World venue map and circuit guide.


Race Timings LIVE!

You can get your race timings live from its free to register and gives instant as it happens, live timings..

Friday, April 2, 2010

Non-refuelling change for Formula 1

The new no-refueling rule was introduced late in the season, too late in fact for the Virgin team. You need a fuel tank that will take you to the end of the race, simple as that.

Virgin did not meet that challenge for the Australian race, as I write pre-race 2 of the season.

So whats the implications of no-refueling? Advantages and disadvantages? Does it lead to a more exciting race?

F1 Safety
No-refueling, from a safety point of view is a good thing, if you consider the stress it puts the pit-crew and driver to get the car out of the pit.

Previous accidents can be seen to result mainly from human error, often with the driver taking off too early with the refuelling nozzle device still attached or the lollipop-guy, trying to get the car out as soon as the refueling device is removed.

It only takes a snag of the coupling device in the nozzle to cause an accident.

Another aspect to consider is, due to the lower accident risks with no-refueling during a race, is the issue of financially insuring the driver and team, re- paying out compensations after an accident.

If not via lower premiums, just the removal of a potential race hazard alone, must do something in terms of improving the insurance risk statistics.

Will no-refueling be good for a more interesting F1 race?
During a race, the race-car gets lighter as the fuel is used up. The handling of the car changes, generally, gradually improving the lap time.

This change is noticeable, but because it is gradual, the driver can maintain a steady control over the changing car handling.

Obviously, with no-refuelling this gradual change is better for the driver handling-

The race lap-times may be slower than previous F1 seasons, in the early stages of the race, but will return to normal lap-times towards the end of the race.

Does less-demanding car dynamics mean a less interesting race?
I think so; Previously, with refuelling, the cars weight-gain has often thrown the driver off his stride.

It leads for a more interesting race from that aspect and shows true driver skill. As Michael Schumacher, AKA The Rain-Man has often demonstrated in previous years.

Breaking in the wet, with a suddenly heavier car, sorts the men-from-the-boys.

Obviously. changing environmental conditions and constant and sudden changing car dynamics make a race less predictable, so this decision to go with no-refueling has not been done for that reason! It was the same with Tyre manufacture and types in previous years.
(see the Wiki ).

Harping back to past era's for a minute, there were more diverse tyre types and manufacturers like Bridgestone, Continental AG, Dunlop, Englebert, Firestone, Goodyear, Michelin and Pirelli.

Now it seems just to be Bridgestone only. Because since the 2007 season Bridgestone became the sole tyre supplier to Formula One via contract agreement with the FIA (Federation Internationale de L’Automobile) and with the final withdrawal of Michelin Tyres.

Now, if that does not level-off the playing field for a somewhat less interesting and more predictable race, then I don't know what else does!

Yes, they are professional drivers, but under pressure, watching their race position, timing their fuel-stop, getting out of the pits as planned, the having to think... 'Heavier-car' as they approach the rear of another car - possibly in the wet, or a corner, chicane or other obstacle, like other cars heavy breaking to avoid collision etc, is part of the skill that drivers develop.

An obvious main skill the Rain-Man has for instance!

Of course, all this constant evaluation is often too much to think about:- and then we have crashes, where people get injured or even killed in years gone by!

So, I conclude for this reason alone, non-refueling is a great idea! I do feel though that if there is much more interference regulating all the cars to run the same tyres, the same aerodynamics, the same engine etc, then of course you are just left with one unpredictable element, the human element. Human error or skill.

One of my favourite sayings, I don't know where I heard it, is:- "The most dangerous part of a moving car, is the nut behind the wheel!"

Drive Safe: Keep the shiny-side up and the dirty-side down!

AndyGold's F1 Race Enjoyment.

As I sit writing this and watching the Australian live F1 GP, I would like to share my enjoyment of F1.

First, I make sure I'm in-time for the pre-race TV coverage, and have my computer set-up to see the live-F1 timings as they happen (and a window for writing for my blog).

Next, I make sure I have a supply of coffee, cereal and snacks, (or a beer or two). No-interruption's, I even like to have a CD on, playing my favorite music, perhaps a bit of Reggae or Motown, even a bit of soothing Nora Jones or classical music.

I really take the time to make it my special R'n' R time. I like to get the kids in to watch F1, although they are not really interested, its still family-room-time together, even if they are playing on their games consoles.

Personally, I like a bit of F1 driving simulation on the xBox too.

We have our own little arcade in our family room, with 2 x PS2's, an xBox and an xBox360, (That's four TV's), plus 4 computers, (2 for gaming, 2 for Internet and work as I use the family-room as my home-office too).

It is also my personal gym, I have an exercise cycle, rowing machine, an abs machine, dumbbell-weights and teeter-table.

The family room also doubles up as our main music room, we keep 2 acoustic guitars, a couple of electric guitars and a bass guitar and keyboards, all with the expected amplification!

So as you can imagine, it's pretty big and pretty full, (its never tidy, but then, it is our private family room and therefore, only open to the inner sanctum of our closest family and friends).

I forgot to mention the bookshelves, and I and my wife Michelle are avid readers too.

You can get your race timings live from its free to register and gives instant as it happens, live timings..


Thursday, April 1, 2010

Formula One Wall Clock

A unique and simple F1 wall clock, is what you need to remind you of the local F1 race time. I set my wall clock to the F1 circuits local time, so that I can see the time relative to my own local time in UK GMT BST.


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