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Sunday, June 13, 2010


EUROPEAN GRAND PRIX. Sunday June 27th.

RACE RESULTS (Pending Resolutions).:
1st. S. Vettel.
2nd. L. Hamilton.
3rd. J. Button.

4th. R. Barrichello.
5th. R. Kubica.
6th. A. Sutil.

1st. S. Vettel.
2nd. M. Webber.
3rd. L. Hamilton.

4th. F. Alonso.
5th. F. Massa.
6th. R. Kubica.

Practice THREE results:
1st. 1:38.052 S. Vettel.
2nd. 1:38.154 R. Kubica.
3rd. 1:38.313 M. Webber.

4th. 1:38.500 A. Sutil.
5th. 1:38.513 F. Alonso.
6th. 1:38.623 R. Barrichello.

Practice TWO results:
1st. 1:39.283 F. Alonso.
2nd. 1:39.339 S. Vettel.
3rd. 1:39.427 M. Webber.

4th. 1:39.650 N. Rosberg.
5th. 1:39.749 L. Hamilton.
6th. 1:39.880 R. Kubica.

Practice ONE results:
1st. 1:41.175 N. Rosberg.
2nd. 1:41.339 L. Hamilton.
3rd. 1:41.383 J. Button.

4th. 1:41.715 R. Kubica.
5th. 1:42.182 F Massa.
6th. 1:42.216 S. Vettel.

Click Here for - BBC Sport's F1 RESULTS.

Venue: Valencia, Spain.
Circuit Name: Valencia Street Circuit.
Date: Sunday 27 June.
Lap length: 3.367 miles. / 5.419 km.
Race Distance: 308.883 km.
Lap Record: 1:38.683. T. Glock. (2009).
Race laps: 57.
2009 winner: Rubens Barrichello. (Team Brawn).
First grand prix: 2008.

Fri 25 June 2010
Practice 1-  10:00 - 11:30 UK BST
Practice 2- 14:00 - 15:30
              Sat 26 June 2010
Practice 3- 11:00 - 12:00
Qualifying 14:00
               Sun 27 June 2010
Race 14:00

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