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Monday, July 12, 2010


Posted on Monday, July 12, 2010

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1st   Frenando Alonso. WINS (We think)... Lets see...
2nd  Felipe Massa.
3rd  Sebastian Vettel.

Ferrari FINED $100,000 by the FIA for breaking the rules!

4th Lewis Hamilton.
5th Jenson Button.
6th Mark Webber.

7th Robert Kubica.
8th Nico Rosberg.
9th Michael Schumacher.

10th Vitaly Petrov.
11th Kamui Kobayashi.
12th Rubens Barrichello.

13th Nico Hulkenburg.
14th Pedro De La Rosa.
15th Jaime Alguersuari.

16th Vitantonio Liuzzi.
17th Adrian Sutil.
18th Timo Glock.

19th Bruno Senna.
20th Heikki Kovalainen.
21st Lucas De Grassi.

22nd Sakon Yamamoto.
23rd Jarno Trulli.
24th Sebastien Buemi.


Qualifying Session Results.
 1st 1:13.791 Sebastian Vettel.
 2nd 1:13.793 Frenando Alonso.
 3rd 1:14.290  Felipe Massa.

4th 1:14.347 Mark Webber.
5th  1:14.427 Jenson Button.
6th 1:14.566 Lewis Hamilton.

7th 1:15.079 Robert Kubica.
8th 1:15.109 Rubens Barrichello.
9th 1:15.179 Nico Rosberg.

10th 1:15.339 Nico Hulkenburg.
11th  Michael Schumacher.
12th  Kamui Kobayashi.

Practice Session Three Results.
 1st 1:15.103 Sebastian Vettel.
 2nd 1:15.387 Frenando Alonso.
 3rd 1:15.708 Mark Webber.

4th 1:15.854 Felipe Massa.
5th  1:16.046 Nico Rosberg.
6th 1:16.207 Lewis Hamilton.

7th 1:16.473 Michael Schumacher.
8th 1:16.481 Rubens Barrichello.
9th 1:16.646 Robert Kubica.

10th 1:16.743 Nico Hulkenburg.
11th 1:16.882 Kamui Kobayashi.
12th 1:16.990 Sebastien Buemi.

Practice Session Two Results.
  1st 1:16.265 Frenando Alonso.
 2nd 1:16.294 Sebastian Vettel.
  3rd 1:16.438 Felipe Massa.

4th 1:16.585 Mark Webber.
5th 1:16.827 Nico Rosberg.
6th 1:16.971 Michael Schumacher.

7th 1:17.004 Lewis Hamilton.
8th 1:17.009 Robert Kubica.
9th 1:17.056 Rubens Barrichello.

10th 1:17.204 Nico Hulkenburg.
11th 1:17.336 Kamui Kobayashi.
12th 1:17.547 Vitaly Petrov.

Practice Session One Results.
  1st 1:25.701 A. Sutil.
 2nd 1:26.850 F. Massa.
  3rd 1:26.936 J. Button.

4th 1:26.947 R. Barrichello.
5th 1:26.948 V. Petrov.
6th 1:27.448 N. Rosberg.

7th 1:28.114 S. Buemi.
8th 1:28.193 N. Hulkenberg.
9th 1:28.300 V. Luzzi.

10th 1:28.486 P. De La Rosa.
11th 1:28.735 S. Vettel.
12th 1:28.735 T. Glock.

Venue: Hockenheim
Date: Sunday 25 July
Lap length: 2.842 miles
Race laps: 72
2008 winner: Mark Webber (Red Bull) (at the Nurburgring)
First grand prix: 1977

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