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Saturday, April 18, 2015

Bahrain F1 Grand Prix 2015

Bahrain Grand Prix 

Sakhir, 17-19 April.

Hamilton Wins!
Raikkonen 2nd
Rosberg 3rd.

Bahrain 2015 F1 GP Race Result for Formula1Race-co-uk courtesy BBC Sport
Bahrain 2015 F1 GP Race Result for Formula1Race-co-uk courtesy BBC Sport

This was an awesome race - the stuff real races are made of. If you didn't see it, it is definitely a keeper for the collection of great races..  I did have to go out on an emergency in the middle of the race and will need to watch it again on iPlayer - I don't know if this next link will work for you are they are specific to region and my IP I think. if not just search for iplayer Bahrain F1 GP.

Qualifying Results Bahrain 2015 F1 GP
Qualifying Results Bahrain 2015 F1 GP for courtesy of BBC Sport.

Personal Comment.
Looking forward to the race this weekend - temperature on track may well prove a change to the podium, (I still want Lewis to win), but tire management in higher temperatures like at Bahrain will prove crucial to the outcome of the race.

OK you may say - 'what heat' this is a night race! It is still very warm in Bahrain even at night. The other major unique problem here at Bahrain will be the drivers having to drive under a lit circuit. Those lights and dazzle, will stress some drivers and wear down their concentration level faster, rather like working under office lights all day. This is not going to just be like another day at the office! 

No German F1.
I will miss not seeing the German F1 this year, and I was hoping that by some miracle, the race would be slotted into the calendar at the last minute. If this were the British F1 - It would be unthinkable to even consider losing it, so I am really upset for German F1 fans. How would you even deal with this? Its worse even than losing an FA cup, because they are not even getting a home race!

Bernie Eccleston, said in an interview with Eddie Jordan for BBC Sport that, he had done all he could to help the German circuit host a race this year, even taking 50% losses to help financially. He said the rest was up to them. I'm sure the German circuit will be back on the calendar next year.    

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