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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Race 16 - United States F1 GP Austin 2015

Race 16 - United States Grand Prix

Austin, 23-25 October 2015

Lewis Hamilton Wins!  3rd Time World Champion!

Nico Rosberg Second.
Sebastian Vettel in Third. 

USA Top Three F1 GP 2015 for courtesy BBC Sport
USA Top Three F1 GP 2015 for courtesy BBC Sport
USA Top Three F1 GP 2015 for courtesy BBC Sport
Full qualifying and race results further below!

Lewis Hamilton is now the 2015 world champion.

Lewis Hamilton started this race 66 points ahead of his nearest rival Sebastian Vettel for the champion ship. It was more important for Vettel to at least finish 2nd in order to keep the championship open to him.

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Lewis Hamilton's Race Focus.

Becoming world champion in F1 is no easy feat, Lewis has said in a past interview, that he does not consider all the mathematics that are needed to win a championship.  Nor does he take notice of those who mention it.  He says his target is to win every race and cross the finish line in Abu Dhabi as world champion!  

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After the race, standing on the winners podium, Nico Rosberg was obviously unhappy and disgruntled about not winning. 

Nico refused to join in with the traditional drivers champagne shower celebration ritual and handed his champagne to Paddy Lowe - (Technical Director at Mercedes).  

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Where in the world? 

USA Circuit Map Location F1 GP 2015 for courtesy Google Maps

USA Circuit Map Location F1 GP 2015 for courtesy Google Maps
USA Circuit Map Location F1 GP 2015 for courtesy Google Maps

Circuit of the Americas

9201 Circuit of the Americas Blvd, Austin, TX 78617, United States
Located not far from the Austin-Bergstrom International Airport on the outskirts of Austin Texas. 

For future BBC F1 coverage times, see BBC Sport here!

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Full USA Race Result

USA Race Result F1 GP 2015 for courtesy BBC Sport

USA Race Result F1 GP 2015 for courtesy BBC Sport
USA Race Result F1 GP 2015 for courtesy BBC Sport.

The Race - (Race 16 / 2015).

It was a difficult and eventful race. First reports said there was no rain expected, but as the race start time approached, the weather changed with winds picking up. 

At the start of the race Hamilton managed to get ahead of his team mate Rosberg, squeezing him out onto the run-off area at the first corner. Rosberg dropped back by three or four places on the first lap until he was behind the Red Bulls.

Perhaps this was what caused Rosberg to put on a bad show on the podium, (as explained further above, Rosberg refused to take part in the champagne celebration on the winners podium). 

If it were not for that refusal to take part in the traditional podium champagne celebration, I would have said Rosberg was my favorite driver of the race for his fight back to finish second. 

Personal Comment.
When the virtual safety car was implemented, even though
I have followed F1 since the mid 1970's, I was confused!   So I know that many other spectators / fans must be too.  It seems to me that even some of the drivers don't understand where they are in relation to the virtual safety car.  I think the 'virtual safety car' is a really stupid and confusing idea for all.    

Rosberg fought admirably with Hamilton for first place several more times throughout the race. Each time Hamilton took the lead, obviously not wanting to collide and damage either car, there was plenty of wheel to wheel action from those Mercedes team mates. We hardly needed any of the other drivers to make this race exciting!



Qualifying was disrupted by a hurricane that brought down a torrential flood and totally washed out qualifying. There were delays and spin offs during Q1 and Q2, and it was deemed too dangerous to continue, so Q3 did not take place.

USA Qualifying Result F1 GP 2015 for courtesy BBC Sport.
USA Qualifying Result F1 GP 2015 for courtesy BBC Sport
USA Qualifying Result F1 GP 2015 for courtesy BBC Sport.
Rosberg took the lead from Hamilton, passing him after a struggle through turns 13 - 14 - and 15. However, having got past Hamilton, Hamilton was then called into the pits, over the team radio for a new set of tires.   Switching from intermediates to softer slicks, gave  Hamilton the edge to catch up with Rosberg again a few laps later.  

Whilst Hamilton took a lap to get his tires up to operating temperature. In that time both the Red Bulls had pitted.  It was too late for Hamilton, by the time he sped down the start / finish straight on his next lap, both the Red Bulls of Kvyat and Ricciardo and his team mate Rosberg were in front.

It was amazing to see the next progress that Hamilton made, slicing through those other world class drivers. This was mainly due to having those softer slicks on.  

Jenson Button in his McLaren had also chosen his tires correctly and had put in the fastest lap of the race during this period on slicks where Hamilton fell back whilst his tires came up to operating temperature.  

Hamilton took both the Red Bulls, first Kvyat, then a lap later Ricciardo.  Kimi Raikkonen had damage on his Ferrari from going off the track and hitting the barrier, although he got the car going again he was later told to ("slow down and box"), and pit as his car was too damaged to continue.

Marcus Ericsson (team Sauber), then broke down on the circuit and a real safety car, (not the virtual safety car), was called out. This effectively put an end to the 10 second lead that Rosberg had gained over his team mate Lewis Hamilton. 

Queuing up for a rolling race restart behind the safety car, were Rosberg, Hamilton, Ricciardo, Kvyat, Vettel, (some other drivers took the opportunity to pit for new tires); Rosberg totally aced the restart and took off, pulling away from Hamilton. 

It took Hamilton several more laps to catch up with Rosberg, to get to a point where he was in a position to overtake. Up to this point, Rosberg was in charge of the lead and setting the pace. 

Then a virtual safety car (for the second time this race), was ordered because of a collision between Daniel Ricciardo and Nico Hulkenberg.  

Rosberg was then called in for new tires, and Lewis Hamilton took the lead. Both the Red Bulls pitted for new tires. Kvyat went with medium and Ricciardo went out on slicks. 

Hamilton was then left with a dilemma, could he make it to the end of the race without pitting for fresh tires or would he make it to the end of the race?  Over the radio, Hamilton and the team were trying to assess the state of the tires. They looked to be OK. 

Kvyat then crashed out all by himself, totally his own mistake as he ran wide onto the artificial grass, spun and hit the barrier. 

Out came the safety car again!
Hamilton took the opportunity to pit for fresh tires, (as did several other drivers). Rosberg retook the lead again! 

This was great, first one then the other, like a game of Russian roulette; Who was going to be left out in front? Lead drivers constantly switching  with each safety car. As the safety car came in, Rosberg was in front and sped away from Lewis once again.

Rosberg then made a mistake coming out of turn 16, got a bit of a tank-slapper going and lost time going wide onto the run-off area.  Hamilton took the lead once again.

For this F1 Fan, it was the most exciting race of the season. Even the BBC commentary team said this was 'one of the most eventful races; Not only of this season but also of any season of the last few years!'  I agree!  WOW! I love F1 when it is like this! 

Needless to say, Hamilton took it to the finish line from there on. Rosberg did put up a great fight, but in the end Hamilton was the better driver, not putting a wheel wrong throughout the whole race. 

I think Rosberg was in a different place mentally to Hamilton, possibly one of anger, from when Hamilton forced him to go wide on the first corner and then from then on, maybe it played on Rosberg's mind throughout the race.  Who could blame him for being angry?

Yet, after Rosberg's last mistake on corner 16, letting Hamilton past; he must have been really peed-off with his own performance. Hence, his reaction on the podium. 

I was going to call it; Rosberg: man of the race. But, like I said earlier; Because of his refusal to take part in the podium champagne celebration, that spoil't my opinion of Rosberg. 
His failure to take part will have a big impact on fans and no doubt, it will be a talking point for weeks to come. 

'What a sore loser' I thought!  
So ...

Driver of The Race for this F1 Fan..
Has to be Lewis Hamilton.  

Pole Position...
See you next time - F1 MEXICO!!!

Each week, I will bring you race results and selected news that I find interesting, plus my own comments and thoughts on my favorite drivers and F1 related news. 

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Based on information from the BBC Sports F1 Website.

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