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Friday, July 10, 2015

Race 9 British F1 Grand Prix Silverstone 3-5 July 2015

Race 9 - British Grand Prix

Silverstone, 3-5 July 2015.

F1 Podium.
Winner - Lewis Hamilton
Second - Nico Rosberg
Third - Sebastian Vettel

British Top Three F1 GP 2015 for courtesy BBC Sport.

British Top Three F1 GP 2015 for courtesy BBC Sport
British Top Three F1 GP 2015 for courtesy BBC Sport.

Filipe Nasr (Team Sauber), got stuck on his out-lap to the starting grid and had to retire to the pits. The three front rows were in running order with Mercedes on the front row, Williams cars on the second row and Farrari's in the third.

Only Max Verstappen was on hard tires at the start, everyone else was using medium. Max might have gained positions with hard tires, but would eventually have to switch to medium tires.

It was an eventful start to the race on a fine summers race day, starting out in the first lap there were collisions with the worst possible consequences.. Re - Hitting and taking out team mates cars!

First we saw Maldonado hit his team mate Grosjean, in the Lotus team and both cars were out; Then we saw Alonso hit his team mate Button on the McLaren team. Fortunately there were no injuries, but those race incidents brought out the safety car and backed up the remaining drivers into a parade F1 drivers all chomping at the bit to get going again.

Whilst all this was going on further toward the back of the racing pack, up at the front Hamilton made a great overtake on Bottas moments before the safety car came out.

This predicted twp stop race was going to be hard and hot on tires. Tire wear became a difficult factor to manage for most drivers, especially when following another car and judging breaking points.

On lap four, the Red Bull of Max Verstappen skidded off into a gravel trap and was beached. That choice of starting on hard tires did not pay off me thinks!

My View Point Comment.
I think you have to go with what tires your main competition are using. If everyone else is on medium tires, (you should speculate that), at least you will have an equal chance to compete!

-Perhaps your cars setup will lend its-self to different tire choices than everyone else, but you have to keep in mind that all these F1 cars have so very much in common, due to strict racing safety and design specifications, that it is almost impossible to make any gains in speed and performance over other competitors.  This is what makes F1 a drivers race, more than a manufacturers race.

British Race Result F1 GP 2015 for courtesy BBC Sport.

British Race Result F1 GP 2015 for courtesy BBC Sport
British Race Result F1 GP 2015 for courtesy BBC Sport

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An interesting new feature in this race. is the virtual safety car first seen in back in Montecarlo. It is confusing to the drivers, and Hamilton got it wrong back in Montecarlo!  During a virtual safety car period, lights and flags on the circuit, (yellows I think), and main primary lights on the drivers steering wheel display, say when the virtual safety car is out. 

During this phase, the drivers have to hold position and speed, which is intended to prevent cars bunching-up and the concertina effect that generates.  In my opinion, (whether for safety reasons or not, I don't care), I think this is too much interference.  

British Qualifying Result F1 GP 2015 for courtesy BBC Sport.

British Qualifying Result F1 GP 2015 for courtesy BBC Sport
British Qualifying Result F1 GP 2015 for courtesy BBC Sport

A natural race obstacle is when drivers are held up by other race incidents. The next level of interference that the rule makers might as well impose, is that drivers shouldn't race each other and might as well only race against the clock. F1 racing is going down the toilet with all these rules and regulations. 

No refueling, cars that you can crash into a concrete barrier at 200 kph and walk away unscathed, DRS, traction-control, not allowed to race your team mate, team orders that go against ethical racing and all the rest of this crap is ruining F1. Its not what it was.

I have followed F1 since the late 1960's and seen it all. F1 certainly used to be more exciting although more dangerous. I hate where those drivers sport the 'No-Fear' logo. Yes, they have no-fear, because there is no-danger.  

 I still enjoy F1, if you can understand that, I like the technical side of F1, but F1 used to be much more enjoyable and exciting than it is now.  I support the F1 dumb-ing down argument.

Better drivers that needed more skill to hold a car on the road and drivers that needed backbone and courage to succeed. I reckon if you ask any of the current F1 drivers to race for real at a 1950's through 1970's or even 1990's standard of F1 rules and regulations, they would refuse. 

This is why we revere drivers like Brabham, Clark, Moss, Mansel, StewartSenna and of course Schumacher and many, many others. Those days are gone forever..

My favorite F1 era was definitely from 1980 - 1990 when I used to attend a lot of the races, and latterly from 1990 through to 2000 when Schuey was at his best.  

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Driver of the race for this F1 Fan is two fold; Hamilton and Bottas.

First has to be Hamilton because of his fabulous pole position qualifying, then after starting out overtook Bottas with a surprise attack.

Next, Hamilton fell back down to third on the grid and pulled into the pits for his scheduled first stop. The team were right on form in the pit-stop, it was so quick it made me gasp!

Coming out of the pits, Hamilton had dropped even further back to forth. Then Hamilton fought his way back to the front to win the race.

I especially liked what Hamilton had to say after the race, when he said he had to spur himself on for the fans and kept telling himself he could not let them down.

As a Brit, we like to see our local hero win the home race. I think that sentiment goes for every nationality.

Bottas made great progress throughout the race and gave us the most exciting points in the race, even when he was being overtaken by Hamilton!

Bottas left his tire change too late in my opinion and should have come into pit at the same time as his main race competitor Hamilton did.

After Hamilton came out of the pits from his first pit-stop on new tires, Bottas was still ahead, but in reality Bottas had now to stop himself and emerged from the pits behind his own team mate.. He did drive though and I believe blame should lay with the teams race director and planner.

The team should have watched what their nearest competitor was doing and matched it. Just like in boxing, if you don't square up and at least match your opponent, you won't stand a chance.

I think Bottas could have won this race if he had matched Hamilton's race plan!    
For the BBC coverage times, 

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Race 9 - British Grand Prix

Silverstone, 3-5 July

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