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Friday, May 8, 2015

F1 Spanish Grand Prix 2015

Race 5 - Spanish Grand Prix

Barcelona, 8-10 May 2015.

Rosberg Wins
Hamilton Second,
Vettel Third.

Typically, as was pointed out several times by the BBC Sport F1 commentary team, the pole sitters or front row won the race as has happened in each of the past eight years F1 races here at Catalunya. It seemed to be an uneventful race except for the odd bump here and there.

This circuit has a few unusual idiosyncrasies. First it is laid out on a hill-side, so it presents uphill and downhill routes. This decreases and increases breaking points and distances respectively. 

Next, this circuit can experience high winds that buffer the cars sideways. These winds are the natural airflow up the hill-sides. Some drivers cannot adapt quickly enough as the winds change direction rapidly. 

Lastly, because of the high temperatures in Spain tire wear is often higher. A harder compound is often a better choice on this circuit, but a lot of the drivers appeared to go for the softer compounds. 

Tire wear usually depends upon race strategy, two stops can get cars through the race, but unusually, three steps can shorten the race time, by changing tires more often to keep new fresh rubber on the track and improve grip throughout the race.

The retirement of Alonso at lap 28 was most spectacular, when he came into the pits fast and hot and nearly ran over his pit crew because of break failure. (Nearly ran his front jack man over but he managed to sidestep Alonso's overshoot of the pit area).
They retired his car immediately

In another similar incident Romain Grosjean did actually hit his front jack man, ramming the jack handle into his stomach and pushing him about five feet. 

The front jack man was OK though and was seen with an ice pack on his stomach, watching the rest of the race from his chair in the pit crew area.  (With a promise of a beer later from Romain, he was laughing about the incident).

Probably these pits area overshoots, (blamed on lack of breaking power or faulty breaks), are in-fact a resulting effect of the harder breaking (and increased break wear), required on the downhill parts of the track. No one mentioned this in commentary. 

If you watch the replay on BBC iPlayer you can see all the race highlights.

Race Result Spanish F1 GP 2015.
Race Result Spanish F1 GP 2015 for courtesy BBC1 Sport
Race Result Spanish F1 GP 2015 for courtesy BBC1 Sport

Live across BBC radio and the sport website, with highlights only (not live), on BBC TV. 

Qualifying Result Spanish F1 GP 2015.
Qualifying Result Spanish F1 GP 2015 for courtesy BBC1 Sport
Qualifying Result Spanish F1 GP 2015 for courtesy BBC1 Sport

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