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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

F1 Race 16 RUSSIA (Sochi) 10 - 12 October 2014

F1 Race 16 RUSSIA (Sochi)
10 - 12 October 2014

Lewis Hamilton Wins!
Rosberg 2nd
Bottas 3rd

Take a look at the starting grid after qualifying, (second image below), the first six drivers are in the same race order in relation to each other, as they were when they started. - Interesting??  A bit of a strange race me thinks?? Exciting but unusual!

Button 4th, Magnussen 5th, Alonso 6th.
Hamilton has won four races in a row - previously a record held by Schumacher and then last year Vettle did it. 

RACE-RESULT F1-2014 Race-15 Russian-F1-GP for courtesy

RACE-RESULT F1-2014 Race-15 Russian-F1-GP for courtesy
RACE-RESULT F1-2014 Race-15 Russian-F1-GP for courtesy
I was pleased to hear the Russian TV presenter who interviewed the three podim winners, pronounce Ricciardo's name correctly. Something most of the current TV presenters are not doing. 
Say Ricc 'I' (as in 'e') Ardo - its RiccIardo  - Not Rik-ardo!

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F1 Race 16 RUSSIA (Sochi) 10 - 12 October 2014.

Inaugral Russian F1 Race
This new Russian circuit is described as a fast street curcuit. At 3.6 miles / 5.8 klm to lap, it is one of the longest on the F1 calendar. It will need 53 laps to complete a race. Sochi is a tourist resort that does mainly get Russian visitors currently. Russia is not everyones first thought as a usual holiday destination, such as Spain, France, Italy, (or even the UK).

See the New Circuit

It looks like a fabulous race circuit, (I can't wait, its feels like Christmas). I was surprised to see the sunny curcuit conditions, with reporters walking about in their shirt-sleves and fans in T-shirts like on a Spanish F1 circuit. I probably had a presumtion that Russia was a cold, rainy, icy and windy place like we often see in western films.  Obviously I am mistaken!   Not a bit of snow in sight. Many people might have thought like I did.

F1 Sochi - Russia 53 laps = 309 km converts to 192m Race distance is 2 hours or 305 km; (or 200 miles is what we used to say).  Race Distance Rule - Clik here!

The unique special factor about this circuit, is that the temprature changes over time are greater than at most other tracks around the world. (Not counting total weather changes of course).  Where at most circuits you might get a few degrees of change throughout the race, if the weather stays the same; Here at Sochi, normal temparature changes will move through about 8 degrees over the race time. 

This means that the drivers will have to watch out more for front tires losing heat more rapidly than the rears. (As David Coulthard reporting for the BBC, was just saying during the Sochi F1 race commentarty); The rear tires, especially those softer compounds, will hold their heat longer and more easilly than the fronts. The other issue is that the length and corner designs of this circuit may require a hard compound tire to complete the race. We just don't really know at this point.

Lap 40.
This is turning out to be an exciting circuit. Now at lap 40 of 53  as I write, we see that there is plenty of room to overtake but because of the high speeds, drivers run the risk of flatspotting their tires at every overtake. You are forgiven, if you think that most of the flatspotting mistakes might be due to drivers not knowing the circuit; But, F1 drivers can learn and adapt to a new or different circut more easily than you'd expect.

These flatspotting mistakes are purely due to the high pressure the circuit puts on the drivers and their cars. It is a demanding circuit. Its like an opposit track to Monacco.

One Car for Marussia-Ferrai- Jules Bianchi.
Marussia-Ferrai are only running one car this race, in respect of Jules Bianchi's crash at lap 41 in Japan last week. The team said they want to pay-respect to Jules by not running his car this weekend.   
Jules Bianchi will not be in this race and is still in a serious condition in hospital.

During the Last Race in Japan...
At 19:00 UK BST time, we heard that Jules Bianchi had serious head injuries; Which, considering the high safety standards in the cars cockpit and all the extra neck support and helmet high impact specifications, means he must have gone out with quite a bang.

This F1 Fans Opinion on Jules Bianchi - Marussia-Ferrari.
I respect that the team want to show their concern and respect for Jules Bianchi, but I think that Jules would want the team to do well even without him.  If they had have ran Jules' car, another new driver would get a chance to show what he or she could do. It would also shake up the race having an unknown new driver in place.

What About The Marussia-Ferrari Sponsors?
On the flip side of Jules wanting the team to do well without him, the team should concern itself more with its sponsors. Let me ask you, if your company had paid hundreds of thousands to have your name displayed on two cars and two drivers, then you only get one, surely you should get half your money back?

Sponsorship is the lifeblood of F1, without it, your team dies. I'm sure they will get by this time and the team is not in a position to win any accolades this season, but if I were a sponsor, I'd see this as giving up. I might well want to sponsor a different team next season / or next race.

QUALIFYING-RESULT F1-2014 Race-15 Russian-F1-GP for courtesy
QUALIFYING-RESULT F1-2014 Race-15 Russian-F1-GP for courtesy
QUALIFYING-RESULT F1-2014 Race-15 Russian-F1-GP for courtesy

F1 Race Time in RussiaF1 Race Time in UK
Fri 10 October 2014
Practice 110:00 - 11:30
Practice 214:00 - 15:30
Sat 11 October 2014
Practice 312:00 - 13:00
Sun 12 October 2014
Fri 10 October 2014
Practice 107:00 - 08:30
Practice 211:00 - 12:30
Sat 11 October 2014
Practice 309:00 - 10:00
Sun 12 October 2014

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Based on information from the BBC Sports F1 Website.

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