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Monday, March 26, 2012



Race Date:     15 Apr 2012.
Circuit Name:     Shanghai International Circuit.
Number of Laps:     56.
Circuit Length:     5.451 km.
Race Distance:     305.066 km.
Lap Record:     1:32.238 - M Schumacher (2004).

Race Result: Rosberg, Button, Hamilton.
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(See how it panned out below)..

Please re-check the race session times before the race sessions begin. Here at Formula1Race, we do our best to ensure the session times are reported correctly, but sometimes the information we get is incorrect. All times here are for UK audiences.

Hooray! F1 on UK BBC TV!


The F1 practice sessions are on free-view channel 301 in the UK!

Fri 13 April 2012
Practice 1     03:00 - 04:30 UK (BST = GMT+1 hour).
What are the BBC trying to say, bringing our F1 back on Friday the 13th?
OR NOT as was the case! Practice one (I thought), was only online at BBC Sport!
I could not find the practice sessions on TV.

No obvious link or mention of Practice Sessions on TV. 
What are the BBC doing?

Then, I did not find that the F1 practice sessions are on free-view channel 301 in the UK, until practice 3. This is not good reporting from the BBC! If I had not gone through every free-view channel whilst the practice session was live, I would have not known that the practice sessions were on TV. 
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Fri 13 April 2012
Practice 2     07:00 - 08:30 UK (BST = GMT+1 hour).
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Sat 14 April 2012
Practice 3     04:00 - 05:00 UK (BST = GMT+1 hour).
The F1 practice sessions are on free-view channel 301 in the UK!
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Sat 14 April 2012
Qualifying     07:00 UK (BST = GMT+1 hour). Re-run at 1pm on BBC1.
This was a really unusual qualifying session outcome. Schuey moves up to second on the grid for the race, due to Hamilton getting a five position demotion for a past infraction of rules in the last race. This makes it the first Mercedes front row since 1955 with Fangio and Moss in Monacco.

  • Monacco Race Report for Mercedes.

    Stirling Moss had been signed by Mercedes for the new season. The Silver Arrows of Fangio and Moss dominated, running 1-2 until half distance, trailed by Ascari and Castellotti. READ MORE... .
Hamilton Demoted!
Hamilton had to change his gearbox, due to a crack in the casing that was not discovered until they unpacked the car when it arrived in China. Rules state that your engine and gearbox have to last a minimum of 5 races or you get a grid position penalty on the next race.

The back six rows are teams side by side, Almost like a lord mayors parade.

Rosberg, (as Eddie Jordan said in the after-qualifying analysis), would have been on pole at any point in the qualifying. I agree. But, the most unusual thing about the grid is how the back six rows are teams side by side, Almost like a lord mayors parade.
If you had shown me this grid, without me seeing the qualifying session, I'd have thought it totally fictional or like something like how my 7 year old son would line up his toy cars, color by color, side by side.  

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Mercedes are obviously gaining the advantage because of their Double DRS system which has caused some controversy and was examined on two occasions by stewards after complaints from other teams.

Rosberg and Schumacher row one. Mercedes.
Kobayashi and Raikkonen will make up row two.
Button and Hamilton on row three.

Row 4 Weber and Perez, (RBR and Sauba-Ferrari.
Row 5Alonso and Grosjean, (Ferrari and Lotus-Renault).
Row 6 Vettel and Massa, (RBR and Ferrari).

Row 7 Williams Renault.
Row 8 Force India-Mercedes.
Row 9 STR-Ferrari.
Row 10 Caterham-Renault.
Row 11 Marussia-Cosworth.
Row 12 HRT-Cosworth.

Sun 15 April 2012
Race     08:00 UK (BST = GMT+1 hour).
What was annoying when this race started, we saw hardly anything of the race leaders, re-Mercedes of Schumacher and Rosberg. It is back to that old story about the race director, in charge of the video feed from the track, giving us the wrong pictures. We spent about 7 of the first 15 laps watching 12th and 13th position.

Shuey loses a wheel, OR NOT, he just forgot to take it with him! What Schuey has just said in his first interview with the BBC was, that he feels sorry for the guy in his team that feels responsible for not putting the wheel on the car. For me, it was obvious that the fault was with the man on the lollipop!

UK audiences can see the car-tracker on freeview channel 301 
as well as viewing the race on BBC1.

Rosberg is the driver of the race for this F1 fan. In a car that is giving the Red Bulls and McLarens a run for their money! Wow, this is just great me thinks!

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UK GMT Times - Please check the race times in your time zone!

This is a Pole Position Post.

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