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Thursday, March 15, 2012





Race Date: 18 Mar 2012.
Circuit Name: Albert Park.
Number of Laps: 58.
Circuit Length: 5.303 km.
Race Distance: 307.574 km.
Lap Record: 1:24.125 - M Schumacher (2004).

Race Result: Button, Vettel, Hamilton.
(See how it panned out below)..

UK GMT Times - Please check the race times in your time zone!

Fri 16 March 2012
Practice 1        01:30 - 03:00

F1 Australia P1 Courtesy of

It is good to see Michael at the top of the timings here, but then he has always been fast here.
Let me do an early prediction for you and say that I think Schuey will remain in the top 5 in
P3, qualifying and the race!  

Of course we'd like to see him win, but there are plenty of champions on the track this year
with youth on their side. There is only so much experience you need, in the end, it will come
down to stamina and concentration.

Practice 2              05:30 - 07:00
F1 Australia P2 Courtesy of
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Sat 17 March 2012
Practice 3
F1 Australia P3 Courtesy of

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F1 Australia Qualifying Courtesy of

Sun 18 March 2012
Race 06:00

F1 Australia Race Result Courtesy of

OK - So I got that one wrong! A great race from Button, Vettel and Hamilton. 

Man of the race for this F1 fan has to be Vettel, he really shines through. 
I hope Vettel wins this years world championship, if anyone could follow in Schuey's footsteps, 
I'm sure it would be Vettel.

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This is a Pole Position Post.

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