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Saturday, March 3, 2012

F1 2012 Season Begins


Australian Grand Prix, Melbourne.
Saturday 17 March: Qualifying highlights: 1300-1415, BBC Two/BBC HD/online
Sunday 18 March: Grand Prix highlights: 1500-1700, BBC One/BBC HD/online
BBC Radio 5 live coverage details
Malaysian Grand Prix, Sepang.
Saturday 24 March: Qualifying highlights: 1300-1415, BBC One/BBC HD/online
Sunday 25 March: Grand Prix highlights: 1445-1645, BBC One/BBC HD/online
BBC Radio 5 live coverage details

As the British F1 fans have known for some time, we have lost a lot of the live F1 coverage.
For whatever reasons, there is no-point crying over spilled-milk, we will just have to roll with it.
If you have BBC Red Button or HD / Online you will be able to see most of the F1 coverage, all be-it not always live.

BBC's LIVE F1 TV Grands Prix Coverage.

  • 15 April: China
  • 13 May: Spain
  • 27 May: Monaco
  • 24 June: Europe
  • 8 July: Britain
  • 2 September: Belgium
  • 23 September: Singapore
  • 14 October: Korea
  • 4 November: Abu Dhabi
  • 25 November: Brazil
Further information about the BBC F1 coverage will be added later.

I am going to try and stay ahead of the game throughout the F1 2012 season and bring you the main stories and facts about F1 to enhance your enjoyment of F1 in 2012.

Looking forward to some great racing...

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