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Friday, April 2, 2010

AndyGold's F1 Race Enjoyment.

As I sit writing this and watching the Australian live F1 GP, I would like to share my enjoyment of F1.

First, I make sure I'm in-time for the pre-race TV coverage, and have my computer set-up to see the live-F1 timings as they happen (and a window for writing for my blog).

Next, I make sure I have a supply of coffee, cereal and snacks, (or a beer or two). No-interruption's, I even like to have a CD on, playing my favorite music, perhaps a bit of Reggae or Motown, even a bit of soothing Nora Jones or classical music.

I really take the time to make it my special R'n' R time. I like to get the kids in to watch F1, although they are not really interested, its still family-room-time together, even if they are playing on their games consoles.

Personally, I like a bit of F1 driving simulation on the xBox too.

We have our own little arcade in our family room, with 2 x PS2's, an xBox and an xBox360, (That's four TV's), plus 4 computers, (2 for gaming, 2 for Internet and work as I use the family-room as my home-office too).

It is also my personal gym, I have an exercise cycle, rowing machine, an abs machine, dumbbell-weights and teeter-table.

The family room also doubles up as our main music room, we keep 2 acoustic guitars, a couple of electric guitars and a bass guitar and keyboards, all with the expected amplification!

So as you can imagine, it's pretty big and pretty full, (its never tidy, but then, it is our private family room and therefore, only open to the inner sanctum of our closest family and friends).

I forgot to mention the bookshelves, and I and my wife Michelle are avid readers too.

You can get your race timings live from its free to register and gives instant as it happens, live timings..


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