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Monday, April 16, 2012



Race Date:     22 Apr 2012.
Circuit Name:     Bahrain International Circuit.
Number of Laps:     57.
Circuit Length:     5.412 km.
Race Distance:     308.238 km.
Lap Record:     1:30.252. - M Schumacher (2004).

Race Result: Vettel, Raikkonen, Grosjean.
For Bahrain F1 results and stats CLICK HERE!

(See how it panned out below)..

Fri 20 April 2012.
Practice 1     08:00 - 09:30.
Results further below. I updated the details immediately, since the UK audiences are not getting to see the practice sessions.
If you don't want to know the results, DO NOT SCROLL DOWN THIS PAGE.
Qualifying will not be shown till early evening 17:20 on Saturday. 

Practice 2     12:00 - 13:30.
Results further below.

Sat 21 April 2012.
Practice 3     09:00 - 10:00.
Results further below.

Qualifying     12:00.

Sun 22 April 2012.
Race     13:00.

As the British F1 fans have known for some time, we have lost a lot of the live F1 coverage.
For whatever reasons, there is no-point crying over spilled-milk, we will just have to roll with it.
If you have BBC Red Button or HD / Online you will be able to see most of the F1 coverage, all be-it not always live.

Formula 1 Bahrain TV Coverage.
Thanks for NOTHING BBC! This is all we get? 

Fri 20 April 2012.
   1. 07:55 5 live Formula 1 BBC Radio 5 live sports extra.
   2. 11:55 5 live Formula 1 BBC Radio 5 live sports extra. 

Sat 21 April 2012.
   1. 08:50 5 live Formula 1 BBC Radio 5 live sports extra.

   1. 17:20 Formula 1 BBC One.
The Bahrain Grand Prix - Qualifying Highlights. Next on: Saturday, 17:20 on BBC One.

Sun 22 April 2012.
   1. 17:00 Formula 1 BBC One.
The Bahrain Grand Prix - Highlights. Next on:  Sunday, 17:00 on BBC One.

Mon 23 April 2012.
   1. 01:00 Formula 1 BBC HD.

The rest of the BBC's LIVE F1 TV Grands Prix Coverage.

    * 15 April: China.
    * 13 May: Spain.
    * 27 May: Monaco.
    * 24 June: Europe.
    * 8 July: Britain.
    * 2 September: Belgium.
    * 23 September: Singapore.
    * 14 October: Korea.
    * 4 November: Abu Dhabi.
    * 25 November: Brazil.

Further information about the BBC F1 coverage will be added later.

The F1 practice sessions are on free-view channel 301 in the UK!
When the race is live on BBC1, channel 301 displays the F1 Driver Tracker.

  • Viewing this blog TIP: Hold CTRL (usually bottom right or left of main keyboard), and use the wheel on mouse to zoom in or out to make the text bigger! Apologies for the vocal-reader LISTEN NOW button, not always reading things correctly, it is all that we have for now!

BBC News - Sir Jackie Stewart supports Bahrain F1 race.
Sir Jackie Stewart has said that Formula One should not pull out of the race in Bahrain.

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Race times are for the UK, please re-check your local time nearer the race sessions! 
(In case there have been any human errors ;-( as we do not want to miss the race or any sessions).

Fri 20 April 2012.
Practice 1

Schumacher did well in P1, within just over a second of fastest in P1 at 7th. And wow, look at Rosberg at 4th fastest. I am also impressed with Di Resta - in the Force India at 3rd Fastest. It will all change as the rest of the sessions progress, but it is an interesting start.

Interesting to see that the two Lotus-Renault's were side by side in the same order in P1 as in the race. It might be something to look out for in the future. As is the same with the Red Bulls, if you were a betting F1 fan, you can nearly always bet on Vettel being ahead of Weber.

Practice 2

Schuey got quicker in P2 but Rosberg shone through, surely a reflection from China result!

Sat 21 April 2012.
Practice 3

Qualifying     12:00

It always comes down to the race. This is where we will see history made. Perhaps we will see a lot of overtaking from Schumacher?

Sun 22 April 2012.
There were a few problems in the race, that had to be sorted by the stewards later. Surprisingly, no-actions were taken in just about every incident. Man of the race for this F1 fan has to be Di Resta for his overtaking of two driver and his best F1 finish to date I think, (6th).

I was not surprised by Vettel being 1st on the podium, but I certainly was amazed at Lotus-Renault getting the 2nd and 3rd podium spots. Where did that come from?

Schumacher voiced his feelings about Pirrelli's tire longevity in an interview for the BBC after the race, saying that it was a major problem that many of the teams complained about; re:- having to manage tires so heavily during every race.

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UK GMT Times - Please check the race times in your time zone!

If you have no Sky to view the race sessions, then your next best option is to listen on 

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