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Monday, August 1, 2011

BBC F1 Coverage

F1 on BBC Three and BBC Four?

Addition to this post on 26th Aug 2011.
Adding to this post from the start of the season, about BBC3 and BBC4 channels being unused during F1, or where the BBC have to take off the F1 or move F1 to BBC2 to cover other sporting events like tennis or golf.

My addition is due to the notice that we will loose half the F1 coverage on the BBC for 2012, to Sky TV. We F1 fans are very annoyed with the BBC for letting this happen. We are also annoyed with Bernie Ecclestone for his greed.

Original post from March 2011.
What with broad-band Internet streaming issues and occasional technical problems (usually on the BBC side), I think we'd all like to see better use of BBC3 and BBC4. Both channels are unused during the F1 Friday and Saturday practice sessions, (transmitting a test picture, but no programs).

Why can't the BBC transmit the F1 sessions on BBC3 or BBC4 as well as over the Internet, for people who cannot get Internet access or don't have the BBC red button?

This is ridiculous, as the air time is still being used (and therefore paid for), just to transmit a test picture.

Yes.. I know there will be technical people required to monitor output of sound and picture quality to be paid during actual transmission. But it cannot be that hard to set-up as a auxiliary service off of the camera feeds transmitted over the Internet.

I don't know what to suggest if you agree, apart from to make a post or two to the BBC's 606 service during the race sessions to see if anyone takes notice, or email programmes like 'Points of View' perhaps, (does that still exist)?

We could have the whole coverage of the race practice sessions on BBC3 as we would see it on the Internet and simultaneously have the in car view on BBC4 of the current driver on his critical lap.

BBC3 and BBC4 are available from 7pm daily.

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