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Tuesday, May 24, 2011



Race 6.
Venue: Circuit de Monaco, Monte Carlo.
Date: Sunday. 29 May.
Lap length: 2.075 miles.
Race laps: 75.
2010 winner: Mark Webber. (Red Bull).
First grand prix: 1929.

BBC is the best place to be. Please Visit the BBC Sport Website (click-here) for confirmation!

Schuey has been consistent in practice, gaining time with each practice session. Lets see how the cards fall in qualifying before we start counting our eggs!

Err, I have to say this, there goes Schuey, doing better than his team mate AGAIN!  (Because no-one else will say it)!  Look at what Rosberg did;-

Nico Rosberg crash halts Monaco Grand Prix practice

I wonder what they would have been saying about Schuey if it had been his car?  What? He's too old? He's lost his edge?Sorry, I'm going off on one again aren't I?

Quali One done, wow, look at what Rosberg did. Considering the big crash earlier, his nerve has not been jilted. Beating Schuey!  Well done to the mechanics for rebuilding that car.  I'd have put money down that it would not be ready.

You wonder what's happening when you are watching qualifying 2, I see Schuey putting in 1.15 and yet Rosberg drops to 1.22 and then bounces back to 1.15 - but they are both still a second away from Hamilton.

I think that this is the most important stage, for those who make it to Qualifying 2. Getting in the top ten at least assures a driver a fighting chance.  Re- what I was saying last week about this race being raced during qualifying.  It is the only race you could really apply the term of a 'processional race' to.

Vettel is on pole after putting in a 1:13.5 which is what was expected as the lead times. Perez seems to be OK after his big crash, in the same place as Rosberg.  What is worrying me, is that they have repaired the armco barrier that Perez hit, but no-one seemed to inspect or replace the track-side barrier that both Perez and Rosberg hit as they came out of the tunnel.

The barrier can only withstand so-many hits, surely it must be weakened by those impacts!  Its curve corrugation formations that give it its strength were all flattened in, when I saw it on the TV close-up!
I wouldn't want to be the next driver to test its strength!

Thursday 26 May: Practice one - 0900-1030.
Reproduced under licence from BBC Sport - © [2011] BBC

Thursday 26 May: Practice two - 1300-1430

Saturday 28 May: Practice three - 1000-1100.

Saturday 28 May:  Qualifying - 1300-1400.

Schuey made a mistake & hit Hamilton, but caught Hamilton napping and overtook. The pass was not connected with the collision.  Next, a few laps later, Hamilton got the position back from Schumacher, with a similar move. This was great racing!

This Monaco race is more dependent upon pit-stops than any other race in the calender, due to the difficulties with overtaking.  We have just seen the two top teams, the Red Bulls and McLaren make really silly mistakes like not having tires ready!  On the flip-side, this leaves gaps for the runner-up teams to take their chance.

So, like I said last week, you might suggest that Monaco is a processional race, but when you consider the pit-lane races of who can get their act together and get their cars out the fastest.  Then this is where the race can be won or lost! 

Schuey is getting good reviews from the BBC!

Schuey is getting good reviews (finally), from the BBC reporters. Remarks about excellent passes on Hamilton and Rosberg and 'nothing wrong with Schumacher's racing spirit'!  Then BANG!  Schumacher's car just broke-down!  This will be Schumacher's second retirement this season.

Di Resta won't have any car left by the end of the race, at the rate that he is breaking bits off of it.  I think there might be more of his body-work on the track than on his car!

There are still a couple of decisions to be finalized for the results to be confirmed. Till then the results are as below.  This has been one of the best races we've seen this season.

Driver of the race for this F1 fan has to Hamilton for his ability to stay in the race, despite all of the little shunts he got.  They were just racing incidents!  This track is such a hard track to drive as Ex F1 driver David Coulthard  himself, (now presenting on BBC TV), demonstrated when he had a drive in the Red Bull test simulator!

David Coulthard tries the Red Bull simulator!

After seeing David Coulthard's test simulator demonstration you will realize just how hard driving an F1 car is.  So, nope, you couldn't do better!  Maybe David will be a little more understanding now with comments on other drivers ability.  I'm sure David could make a come back, I'd like to see him back racing in F1. After-all, he has Schumacher's footsteps to follow in! 

Sunday 29 May: Race - 1300.

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