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Tuesday, June 28, 2011



Venue: Silverstone, Northamptonshire.
Date: Sunday. 11 July. 2011.
Lap length: 3.660 miles.
Race laps: 52.
2010 winner: Mark Webber. (Red Bull).
First grand prix: 1948.

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British Grand Prix.
Silverstone, 8-10 July. 2011.
Friday 8 July: Practice one - 1000-1130. DONE!

What about those times, of course this is only preliminary! The real times are yet to come and I expect better than 1:29's. I will be watching Webber, Hamilton and Button with high hopes for them on home turf. 
Let's hope Schuey does not show them up here! 

Friday 8 July: Practice two: 1300-1430. DONE!

Well, that was a bit of a wash out, due to most of the drivers not going out on the track till the very last minutes. Still, at least we some wet times in. Not that it will do any good.  
That was a bit of a wasted session, unless it rains on Sunday!

Saturday 9 July: Practice three - 1000-1100. DONE!

Saturday 9 July: Qualifying: 1300-1400.DONE!

Nothing new here, its about what we expected except that we did not see any 1:29's but the right drivers are at the front as expected.

Sunday 10 July: Race - 1300          RACE DAY!
I thought I would experiment with a different approach to reporting on this race at Silverstone. I'll try a commentary throughout the race today! A bit like, ' The Race as it happened'! Lets see how we go:-

Keep refreshing the post every 10 minutes! (I'll try to keep up)!

This is great, we have a track that is so large that it is raining and wet at one side and yet perfectly dry at the other. There is about a mile-and-a-quarter of wet track according to the BBC commentary.

Everyone has gone out on intermediate tire. But I don't think that the Pirelli's are as good as the Bridgestones of years gone past. David Culthard was just saying about how the blocks of rubber compound that make up the tread, can quickly and easily wear out on the dry part of the track.

I think that most of the other drivers will be watching what Schuey is doing, and when he comes in to change over to slicks, that's when everyone else will dive into the pits too. Its::1:18 as I write and everyone is still on intermediates, lets see if I'm guessing correctly. I predict that Schuey will come in first.

And here he comes - I'ts 1:20 - but I've just seen that Schuey has lost his nose cone! So that's why he's ducked into the pits.

I don't think the BBC noticed, but Schuey gained the most places at the start, overtaking from 13th to 9th in the first two to three laps. And now Schuey has put in the best lap times. Schuey just got a 1:49 and is the fastest man on the track.  I love being right, don't you!

True to form, they are trying to blame Schuey for the collision between, but I've forgot who it was, but it was just a racing incident. If anyone was to blame, Schuey was holding his line, but the car in front was moving over!

It was Kobayashi that collided with Schuey, and yet, Schuey got the 10 second stop and go penalty?  And, as we have just seen, it is Kobayashi who is off his game today. (Not that he every had one in comparison to Schuey)!  Kobayashi just nearly took out another driver and pit crews in the pit-lane.

Surely he will get more than a 10 second penalty for that! And now, look at Schuey! Wow, back up to 15th from 17th after his stop-and-go penalty! Schuey putting in 1:39 (Oh where is Kobayashi - 19th - serve him right)! 

And - now - ha ha, I'm usually the least, and last person to ever want to see any driver out of the race, but I'm happy to see Kobayashi has just kicked his own race into touch. He doesn't know how to look after his car. But there has still been no mention of a penalty for his pit-lane antics.

How does Kobayashi get away with that, when Schuey get penalized for something that should have been classified as just a racing incident at most. I seems to me, (as it must do to many Schuey fans), that the officials don't like Schuey! This isn't the first time this has been pointed out!

We have just seen, Vettlel's incident with (was is Buemi I'm not sure) - Nearly putting an end to Vettels race, so why are we not seeing and penalty for Buemi, it was a similar incident to Schuey and Kobayashi's.   What were the BBC just saying about the FIA officials being consistent and fair?

There have been a few incidents, that I missed. I know now, why The BBC have several commentators!   Schuey is up to 12th now at lap 34.  I missed what happened with Vettel and Alonso, the official timing from is saying they are 'OUT', but I am watching them go round the track as I write! 

Ah, the timings are back, there must have been a fault. But this is the type of thing you have to put-up-with, when you are watching at home.  I was going to be at the race today, but, you-know, its raining and miserable.  I'm glad I've stayed home and kept my bum dry!

Buttons right front wheel just came off, did you see it! What the heck are the pit-crew doing?
The pit crews are always pushing for quicker pit stops, I bet they're saying, 'I know, lets not bother with those pesky wheel nuts, they take too long to tighten'!  That's why they have a super-fast pit stop!  Its just ruined Buttons race though!

Look at Schuey - back up to 9th now at lap 44.
OK - I'm sorry, but the Official Timings seems to be messing up, it is showing Schuey at 13th even though the BBC commentary has confirmed 9th. and the Timing software is showing Barichello TWICE!

Well, this has been a really great and exciting race today, As we come to the close of the race, the Rad Bulls are actually racing, But the team orders have just told Webber to let Vettel take the win!

A good fight with Hamilton and Massa on the last corner, hitting each other but Hamilton took 4th and Massa was 5th. We are going to be unsure as to the final race order, as any contact is usually looked at by the stewards. I think they won't do anything.

So, its Alonso, Vettel, Weber!

Driver of the Race for this F1 fan, is two-fold. First is Schuey for his great comeback after an unjust penalty. And secondly, Alonso for getting ahead of the Red Bulls. A great race today, I will remember it for a long time to come!

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