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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

CodeMasters F1 2010 xBox PS3 PC Racing Simulation Game

In F1 2010, the best aspects of the game realism in this simulation, are  the track conditions due to weather effects. The weather effect is  dynamic to the car handling, when driving in the dry or wet and even  partially damp variations. There are even wet and dry parts to the track  during any one lap, just like in real-life. The ultimate effect is  where you have a dynamic track surface that gets dryer with each passing  car, and players / drivers, can even seek out puddles to cool their  tyres!

Three main areas are:
1, The visual effects. In the  dry you may get a heat haze, or in the wet you may get reflections from  puddles, (with sunlight), or darkness under heavy clouds or heavy rain,  and spray on the car and camera and spray that is kicked up from the  tyres to form plooms of mist and  spray.

2, Then there is how these visual effects tie in to the  car handling and track dynamics. Slippery or grippy track  surface etc. The track actually knows how wet it is, it is not just one  simple dynamic applied to the whole track, so that everyone gets the  same grip as usual in F1 racing games; and that is because this is more  of a Sim, a simulation - as in real life simulation!

Like, if you  are 10th down a straight, on the racing line, running wets behind 9  other cars, who are also on the racing line, your grip on your bit of  track will have decreasingly less wetness to each car in front. This is  just like in the real world, (not how it has usually been programmed  into previous racing games that are not true Racing SIMS). This  'drying-track' dynamic, will be especially useful in online multi-player  modes and add yet more realism.

3, The effect of the weather  will impact more on the race out-come, and on the whole race season as  it changes over time. Especially, this is important if you are playing  multi-player online with other regular F1 2010 gamers!

F1 2010 on  the xBox, PS3 and PC.
Its as real as it gets! For most of us, who cannot  afford the time or the money to have a go in an F1 car, (let alone  actually take part in an F1 race), a new F1 Racing Simulation game from  CodeMasters, for the xBox and PS3 consoles, (and a PC version in development), shows us the splendor of  Formula One through simulation racing! By far the best Formula 1 Sim  yet, (my version now on pre-order through Amazon  will be on xBox).
F1 2010 is a racing simulation second  only to the multimillion pound training simulations some of the F1 teams  use!

F1 2010
Platform:Microsoft  Xbox 360, PS3 and PC
Publisher: CodeMasters
Developer: CodeMasters
Genre:  Simulation Racing
UK Release: Possibly by 30th September 2010 (date  to be confirmed).

You'd better believe it! I know I am a  'chicken', as hardened F1 fans would say, as they brave the sun and  sleeting rain, or the expense of attending race sessions and race day!  (I prefer to call my chickening-out being race-smart)!
I love the  comfort of watching the race sessions at home, online or on my large screen TV!
Here's the good points:-

I can take a leak when I want, (or  other)! Without standing in a que for a stinking toilet.  (and be missing the race)!
I can see ALL OF THE RACE! - Not just get a  glimpse of a car whizzing by at 200mph in a cloud of mist-spray and  rain, that's if I can see at all through the plethora of massive F1  brollies!

I don't get wet, or sunburned (or loose an eye to a  brolly stem), and my food is the same quality and price! (Hint)! And there's no-one blowing a whistle in my ear, like a demented football fan on world-cup day!

Oh -  and then there's my nice comfy seat! - One year I'd paid over 300 GBP to get in,  the stand I paid for was supposed to have seating; -It didn't!

It  was Spain! - I was truly a grassy-arse amigo! Never again!
Any-who,  from September, I'll be plugging in my force-feed-back wheel and chasing  round the Formula One 2010 circuits myself on my xBox.
Which is yet  another reason to stay home and watch AND PLAY in the comfort of your  own home! That's me and that's where I'll be!


This  short video (below), is a bit choppy and grainy, but it is only down to the YouTube video and  nothing to do with the final game graphics, which are nothing short of  excellent.
The main point is to listen to the audio commentary.

This  video (below) gives a better representation of the graphic look, but I think the cars are  from the F1 2009 edition. F1 2010, will have all the 2010 cars and  updated livery etc.

My  final video offering, is a looooong one, but by  far the best review and pre-release interview yet. Click the play button now then pause it, so that this long video can be  downloading the stream whilst I tell you about the video.

You  will have to get past the buggy-mod racing section that starts after the  intro (if like me you are not interested in buggy racing). You should  watch the first 2 minutes of the intro though, because it has news of  what is coming up in the show, then you need to skip to 8 minutes 15  seconds. My computer is a bit slow, and I had to play the video a  little, then pause it for a few minutes to get the stream to download  ahead of the playing point of this long video to make it run smoothly.  It will be well worth it, I assure you.

The main video interview  is with Andy Gray of Codemasters, the F1 2010 producers! He tells about  the technical side of the F1 2010 Sim racing game. Then the Sim-Race-Way team took a hands-on test drive, driving on the actual F1  2010 game at the production studios and were the only testers who took  their own force feedback steering wheel and pedals to try out,   (although the game had not got those factors dialled in properly up to  that point).

The Sim-Race-Way team say that the graphics of F1  2010 are the best anyone has ever seen in an F1 racing Sim, I cannot  wait for my copy! It is due out sometime in September 2010. Available on  pre-order,  get your copy on order from Amazon, like me!

AndyGold. ©  AndyGold 2010


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