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Sunday, September 12, 2010

F1 GP Monza Italian Formula One Grand Prix 2010

 F1 GP Monza Italian Formula One Grand Prix 2010

Venue: Monza.
Date: Sunday 12 September.
Lap length: 3.510 miles.
Race laps: 53.
2009 winner: Rubens Barrichello. (Brawn).
First grand prix: 1922.

Formula One Grand Prix 2010 Result
1st Fernando Alonso.
2nd Jenson Button.
3rd Felipe Massa.

Race Review - The Pole Position View.
Mark Webber still leads the championship, since the demise of Lewis Hamilton at the start of the race. Me thinks that if Lewis had taken it more slow and steadily after the collision that damaged his steering arm, that he could possibly have made it back to the pits. Instead he just accelerated away as if nothing had happened.

It was obvious to me, (sitting at home in the UK), that Lewis's car was not going round any corner at that break-neck speed, (did you here me shouting at the TV and Lewis)? If the BBC put up the video, I'll put the link to it here.

Man of the race for this F1 fan is Jenson Button for going against the norm and carrying massive wing, then battling with the Ferrari's! Wow, that was impressive! I thought, 'well, that extra wing will give more down force, but Jenson will also run a higher risk, due to his extra grip giving him more stopping power'; I thought maybe a following car with less-wing and less stopping power would ram him up the jaxi. 

Did anyone-else notice that team-Renault, (the yellow cars), seemed also to be running high wing?

What about those Ferrari's? Where was Red Bull today? Maybe it was just that the track suited the Ferrari's, I'm not sure, but I'm also well impressed with Massa and Alonso.

 I think they should call Vettle, Crash-Bandicoot! Vettel drew criticism from McLaren chief Martin Whitmarsh, who described him as a "crash kid". This F1 fan thinks Vettel's getting to be a real danger to every other driver! Why don't the FIA demote Vettle 10 places for actually causing accidents? If this had been Schuey, the FIA would be throwing him out of F1 as a driver altogether, claiming his age as the cause!

Sun 12 September 2010
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This is a Pole Position Post.


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