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Saturday, July 31, 2010

F1 Team Orders

Ferrari's Illegal Overtaking Incident.

In view of the recent controversy of the Ferrari team orders given to drivers, when Ferrari appeared to radio transmit coded orders for Massa to move over and allow Alonso to overtake, which then happened; I'd like to to explore the reasoning behind team orders and see if we can make a logical argument for and / or against team orders!

First, as an F1 fan, I'd like to say that I agree with those who say 'rules are rules' and if the rule is that team orders are currently banned, (any rule, not just team orders), then teams should be penalised for breaking the rules.

Currently (as of Sunday 1st Aug 2010), the FIA are still debating the final penalty to be levied upon Ferrari. The result is due sometime in September 2010.

Breaking the Rules.

Secondary to the Ferrari overtaking incident in Germany: This is about a 'principle' not about-team orders!

Breaking the rules is breaking the rules! A fine alone is no-good in this instance, (and just lines the pockets of the FIA), because the mega-rich teams like Ferrari can more easily afford $100,000.

The point is, that if this had have been an incident where one competing teams car broke the rules and gained a position, then the team at fault is usually given a drive through penalty or docked 10 places, or something of a similar nature, as well as probably being fined as well.

I was surprised and disappointed to see that Ferrari kept their 1st and 2nd podium positions in Germany. Ferrari blatantly broke the rules, the team management was guilty and equally both the drivers were guilty. A sportsman should not break the sporting rules, because part of being a 'good-sport' is about being honest and ethical toward other competitors in the sport. It's not a war, without rules!

What are we teaching our children? This is why my family and I are not interested in football per-se. With all the usual phony injury claims and holding on to competing team players shirts etc, even my youngest children can see and point-out that 'X' player is a cheat.

Who's being cheated here? The fans of F1, (and anyone who had a bet on), and who's responsible? - The FIA! The FIA are cheating the fans by letting Ferrari get away with a fine.

Not considering what I've just said about breaking the rules, Ferrari does have a great car and two great drivers who did a great job on the day, (up-to the point of the questionable overtaking incident). Now, my stance on team orders, is that team orders should be allowed!

PRO- Reasons for team orders...

The whole point of a 'TEAM' is summed up in that great acronym quote; T. E. A. M. (Together, Everyone Achieves More).

Teams are meant to work together. It is TEAM WORK THAT MAKES THE DREAM WORK, as the saying goes!

Why is it that people cannot see this? If you have a football team, where one player wants to be in the lime-light all the time and hog the ball, and who won't pass the ball, and has no faith or sense of team work, then team is usually a losing team!

What is interesting in F1, is the fact that most of the teams, would admit, that even though there is a ban on team orders; most of the teams still have team orders, but have to implement them covertly.

For me, as a long time fan of F1, (since the late 1960's) I think that team orders being allowed, would spruce-up the race and make F1 more interesting. Teams could either have contracts with their drivers to obey team orders or maybe the drivers would choose to disobey team orders, especially if the driver was unhappy in the team and be thinking of a move to another team.

CON- Reasons against team orders...

Drivers may only be concerned with their own performance and not want to give-up a race-win to a team mate in order to improve the teams position as a whole. There is another idea I have, and that is to have each team make a split within the team. Where you might have some set-up like a Ferrari 'A' team and a Ferrari 'B' team, (or Driver 'A' and driver 'B', where driver 'A' gets priority in any push and shove situation).

Its OK that a driver would not want to play second-fiddle to his team mate, but that is currently the reality, as was seen in Germany with Ferrari.

Its a reality of life!

Some say that team orders spoil the race, claiming that team orders break the spirit of a natural race, not allowing one driver to race against another and every-other driver. If you are one car in a 24car race you have 23 competitors to beat. With team orders only 22 others to beat.

What is criminal with team-orders, is when two separate teams get together to change the outcome of the race! Said: Bernie Ecclestone, in a BBC grid-walk interview on Sunday 1st August 2010. Which this F1 fan agree and  thinks, is really the reason why the rules were originally written.  

Team Orders Summary.

I think I may be partially touching on the true reason behind why this argument exists. Drivers who are used as pawns to manipulate the outcome of the race, to the benefit of a team and team mate, themselves DO-NOT gain equal points and recognition. Perhaps a team-point award to a driver should be introduced?

If a driver helps his team mate, why can't fans still respect the team and the driver, just as with in football, when a player consistently sets up a goal via a pass or a tackle to win control of the ball, before passing it to another player to score! What does this player get out of this?

He is not being credited with scoring the goal and he may be the first in a succession of players to help score the goal, so it is possible that people cannot see, that he is still directly responsible for scoring the goal . Hey, that's TEAM WORK isn't it?

One player, no matter how good he is or how fast he runs, cannot be at both ends of the pitch at the same time, it takes two (or more) to tango!

'Team-Orders' are a 'MUST HAVE'.

Drivers have shared resources, the availability of these resources often depend upon money from sponsorship, and the level of sponsorship is often directly relative to the 'TEAM'S' winning history! You cannot have a driver who does not want to put the team first, because he is using the TEAM'S SHARED RESOURCES! (Even if that be a nose-cone, originally destined to go on "driver A's" car, but due to an incident is required on his team mates car, in order to gain points for the TEAM)!


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