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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Gary Anderson explains how tyres, DRS and KERS works

Summer F1 break, withdrawal symptoms?
Its a really long break, too long for this F1 fan. If you are suffering from withdrawal symptoms, I suggest you read through a few old posts here at

Looking out of our private box over an empty pit-lane!

Gary Anderson explains how tyres, DRS and KERS works!

BLUE WALL - Think WATER! 'Tires (or tyres) for Swimming. = Water Blue - Full WETS!'
GREEN WALL - Think - 'Moss-Covered-Wall - Slippery When Wet'.

Now for Breakfast.
Orange Juice - A hard tire (and a hard mans drink! You try ordering an orange-juice in my local with all your mates drinking shots).

Jam - Got it?


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