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Thursday, May 10, 2012

FORMULA 1 Spanish GP 2012


Catalunya. Spanish F1 GP 2012.
Race Date:     13 May 2012.
Circuit Name:     Circuit de Catalunya.
Number of Laps:     66.
Circuit Length:     4.655 km.
Race Distance:     307.104 km.
Lap Record:     1:21.670 - K Raikkonen (2008).

Maldonado, Alonso, Raikkonen. 
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UK Times for the Spanish F1 GP.
Fri 11 May 2012.
Practice 1.    
In my region of the UK Digital Freeview - is channel 301.
8.55am to 10.35am F1 Practice 1. Freeview-Channel 301 - BBC F1 Coverage.

  • 10.35am to 12.55 Formula 1: The Spanish GP (This is a replay of a previous years GP - But, thanks to BBC not caring about F1 we didn't really know if it was live from Spain or just an old replay. The last one I sat down to watch, was actually a repeat of earlier years race).
  • I twittered this to the BBC. - "Hey BBC, we'd like a little more info on what you are showing, so that we can decide beforehand if it is worth making the time to watch!"
  • UPDATE: As I am now sat watching this race replay, the only title I have seen is the Freeview listing that says 10.35am to 12.55 Formula 1: The Spanish GP the program title has still not been mentioned or displayed within the program its-self. What year is the race from? All we know is, this is Spain. 
  • So, unless you are a stats- and memory man, you won't know which year F1 GP this race is. The old race has Mansel and Brundle in it, pit crews working in short-sleeve shirts and, with Murry Walker commentating. I guess its from the 70's, but, I'm not prepared to go off searching for a BBC schedule, to try and find out what I'm watching. This is very bad programming from the BBC!
  •  LAST Update on this: What is worse, is that the program is just on a loop, restarting automatically. The BBC don't care at all do they? This is even worse than just watching a repeat! I paid special attention to the intro and there is no title or mention of which race it is. 

Practice 2 .    13:00 - 14:30. Fri 11 May 2012.
12.55 to 14.30 F1 Practice 2. Freeview-Channel 301 - BBC F1 Coverage.

Top F1 Tweets from Pole Position ‏ @Formula1Race.
  • Hey BBC, we'd like a little more info on what you are showing, so that we can decide beforehand if it is worth making the time to watch!
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Sat 12 May 2012.
Practice 3.
Qualifying was a bit strange, and I did not understand why Schuey, Vettel, and Kobi did not put times in in Q3. Anyway, everything is set for the race tomorrow and that is where the final results will matter.


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Sun 13 May 2012.
Race:-    Maldonado, Alonso, Raikkonen.

There is no doubt for me - Man of the race even by lap 33 is definitely Luis Hamilton, currently at 5th  on Lap 26 had a 10 second lead on the car behind him. He was briefly at 4th as well, but now I've kissed him, I'll kick him. Hamilton did not pit for 19 laps on the same tire and is the main reason why he gained all those places. Passing others in the pits.

Eventually he had to pit and the new news, is that he is going to try and make it through the rest of the race (30 laps to go out of 66), without further tire changes. This is considered to be a minimum 3 stop race, with 4 stops often being needed if there are any race incidents.

Hamilton has still made an impression today, very Schumacher-esk. Remembering when Schuey used to do this all the time, especially in wet conditions, or when Schuey regularly got penalized to the back of the grid for pushing the boundaries of the rules of engagement on track.

We should not ignore Kobi. Kobayashi has just made two fantastic overtakes, on Button and on Hamilton. Kobi has been well in the running all through practice and qualifying.
The rest of the BBC's LIVE F1 TV Grands Prix Coverage.

    * 13 May: Spain. We are here!
    * 27 May: Monaco.
    * 24 June: Europe.
    * 8 July: Britain.
    * 2 September: Belgium.
    * 23 September: Singapore.
    * 14 October: Korea.
    * 4 November: Abu Dhabi.
    * 25 November: Brazil.

Further information about the BBC F1 coverage will be added later.

The F1 practice sessions are on free-view channel 301 in the UK!
When the race is live on BBC1, channel 301 displays the F1 Driver Tracker.

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