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Wednesday, November 2, 2011



Venue: Yas Marina.
Date: Sunday, 13 November. 2011.
Lap length: 3.451 miles.
Race laps: 55.
2010 winner: Sebastian Vettel. (Red Bull).
First grand prix: 2009.

2011 Hamilton - Alonso - Button!

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As we come to the end of the 2011 F1 World Championship, lets have a look at the drivers standings as of 30th October 2011 courtesy of BBC sport.

2011 F1 Drivers World Championship Standings at 30th Oct 2011 courtesy of BBC Sport.
BBC Sport is the best place to be. Please Visit the BBC Sport Website (click-here) 

This is just a poke in the eye of those Shuey ney-sayers!
It is important to note that 'Ole Shuey' is ranked 8th in the world, err where is (can't even remember his name), Oh yea Di Resta, (taking a rest)? How could anyone have been saying at the start of the season, that Di Resta was even a contender for Shumachers seat. (He isn't good enough to wear his old underpants)!

Maybe next year! - There's always next year, but is Shuey thinking of parking up for good?

Seven-times world champion Michael Schumacher, (currently ranked 8th of the worlds best top F1 drivers and who races for the 4th ranked top team in the world), claims that he has not yet decided if he wants to continue in Formula 1 beyond the end of his current deal at Mercedes.

Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.
Yas Marina, 11-13 November. 2011.

Friday 11 November: Practice One Results. 2011_Race18_Abu_Dhabi_F1GP Practice One Results. Courtesy

Friday 11 November: Practice Two Results. 2011_Race18_Abu_Dhabi_F1GP Practice Two Results. Courtesy

Surprisingly, Vettel went off the track into the armco. No damage done, sliding sideways off the track. More an embarrassment for him than losing track time in practice.

Saturday 12 November: Practice Three Results. 2011_Race18_Abu_Dhabi_F1GP Practice Three Results. Courtesy

Saturday 12 November: Qualifying Results. 2011_Race18_Abu_Dhabi_F1GP Qualifying Results. Courtesy

Importantly for Vettel, is the new record that he has set, for the most qualifying pole positions in a single season. Beating the previous record set by the one and only Nigel Mansel, of 13 pole positions in one season.

Sunday 13th Nov!
One of the best comments was made just before the race today, by BBC commentator and Ex F1 Team Owner. Boss. Eddie Jordan. (I met him once a long time ago, by the way. Where I waited in line for him to arrive for about an hour and then got to shake hands for about 2 seconds and he said. 'Well done', and patted me on the shoulder. I had won a pit-team fleece jacket in a track-side giveaway! I still have it somewhere)!

In F1, the cars performance is about 80% of the overall package!

Anyway, I digress; Eddie Jordan just said.
To any new F1 followers, they must understand that, in F1, generally the best drivers get the best cars! Also, he added that, unlike in any other sport, where the tools of the sport and more neutral to the outcome. (Like a tennis racket can be wielded by a pro or a novice, the racket itself will not effect the performance very much.

However, in F1, the cars performance is about 80% of the overall package!
As a long time Fan of F1, I agree!

Sunday 13 November: Race Day!
OMG - Vettel is out of the race on lap three! Puncture to rear right, possible debris or an initial tire pressure fault. We will see. The BBC commentators are debating if the tire pressure was too low, because Pirrelli do give advisory recommended minimum pressures. But according to Martin Brundle, (BBC Commentator and Ex F1 driver), he said that most of the F1 teams ignore the recommended tire pressure limits given by the manufacturer.

I find that highly alarming, considering all the lengths that the FIA go to to ensure the safety of the drivers!

2011 (Race18) Abu Dhabi F1GP Race Results. 
Courtesy - Official Race Timings! 2011_Race18_Abu_Dhabi_F1GP  Race Results. Courtesy

F1 2011.
On another subject; for those of you playing F1 2011 like me. My best time in a Red Bull, driving as Vettel with all the driver aids on, (easy mode), was 1:41.740 in practice. Conditions fine and no one else on the track! So it is hard to drive round this track. I did not have to, (and could not actually endure), the 'G-forces' involved on the track!

Vettels best time was 1:38.481 during Qualifying Session 3. (for real, see the real stats above)! In the race, I forced my way to the front, with a few Schumacher-esk cut-in's and bump here and there without getting black-flagged!

I Won the F1GP Abu Ahabi (on xBox).

I made it to the front within three corners, had great pit-stops and no-off track excursions. I won!  I think I could beat most of these drivers, if they were playing on xBox! (Ha ha ha, well in my dreams)! I wish!

F1 2011, is the most realistic F1 driving sim available to the average Joe like me. (And it is the nearest I'm ever going to come to the experience of driving an F1 car at the age of 48, with a allergy to crashing and dying)!

F1 2011 is only one step away from the full F1 racing simulators used by the F1 teams in real life. These simulators teach the driver the track layout and helps them to develop a strategy, driving style and plan for the race.

Get this game on a big screen and its better than RL. Well, at least you don't die when you crash out and that's got to be worth the price of the game. Come as close as you ever can to date, without actually getting into a real F1 car! This is not just another F1 sim, this is something special!

This is a Pole Position Post.
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