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Tuesday, November 15, 2011



Venue: Interlagos, Sao Paulo.
Date: Sunday 27 November. 2011.
Lap length: 2.677 miles.
Race laps: 71.
2010 winner: Sebastian Vettel. (Red Bull).
First grand prix: 1972.

Webber - Vettel - Button.

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Brazilian Grand Prix.
Interlagos, 25-27 November. 2011.

Friday 25 November: Practice One Results.

2011 Race19 Brazilian F1GP Practice One Results. Courtesy of

F1 Comment.
Lets take a look at the top seven drivers in practice one and two:- (Alphabetically) Alonso, Button, Hamilton, Massa, Schumacher, Vettel and Webber. More than just a coincidence? Lets hope this stays the same in P3 and through qualifying. If these same drivers finish the race in the top seven positions on Sunday, (in any order), this F1 fan will be very happy.

Friday 25 November: Practice Two Results.

2011 Race19 Brazilian F1GP Practice Two Results. Courtesy of

This post will be constantly updated throughout this weekend, when this message is removed, then that will be the final post. Please keep returning to get updates on race times and results.

Saturday 26 November: Practice Three Results.
2011 Race19 Brazilian F1GP Practice Three Results. Courtesy of

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Saturday 26 November: Qualifying Result.
2011 Race19 Brazilian F1GP Qualifying Results. Courtesy of

Sunday 27 November: Race Result.
2011 Race19 Brazilian F1GP Race Result. Courtesy of
The BBC team have just been interviewing the Red Bull team boss after the race and have said that Webber has raced a fantastic race this weekend. Perhaps it was more to do with team orders! I think that Vettel could have easily took Weber, but this is about points.

The supposed 'gear-box-problem' for Vettel, never showed its-self to us. I think this is just a white lie be Red Bull to ease the fact that team orders for Weber to win are in place. Even though team orders are now legal, they may feel that people / fans, will accept the Webber win more easily if they thought that Vetttel could not have easily won!

It doesn't really matter, since Red Bull have done more than enough to secure themselves the Constructors Championship.
There was a passing move by Schuey on Senna that ruined Schuey's race, Schuey clearly had the line round the corner and was ahead of Senna, yet Senna refused to yield and got himself a penalty for his arrogance. Unfortunately, this resulted in Schuey and Senna coming together, damaging Senna's front wing and puncturing Schuey's rear left tire.


 Driver of the race for this F1 fan, is Jenson Button, for holding on to 3rd, perhaps Vettel too as a second runner up for me, as I really think he actually may have really had a gear-box fault. (wink)! Well, if he really did, then he is my second for today. That would then take nothing away from Webber (for me) and a well deserved win.

A point about the gear-box issue is though, that the drivers can do nothing these days to preserve the gearbox, since it is basically computer controlled with trip-tronic-switches and the like. This was pointed out by Brundle and Coulthard, presenting for the BBC during the race.


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