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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Belgian F1 GP 2010 Spa-Francorchamps

Belgian F1 GP 2010 Spa-Francorchamps.

Venue: Spa-Francorchamps.
Date: Sunday 29 August.
Lap length: 4.352 miles.
Race laps: 44.
2009 winner: Kimi Raikkonen. (Ferrari).
First grand prix: 1924.

Hamilton WINS! - Webber 2nd -Kubica 3rd.

The Pole Position View.
My thoughts on the Schuey v Rubens overtaking at the Hungarian GP.

Everyone seems to be having a crack at Michael Schumacher, the FIA, Rubens and even the TV presenters. But look, Schuey was just defending his position in Hungary, as I have seen other drivers do in the past.

I am surprised at Schuey's 10 position demotion for this race. Since nothing actually happened, did it? There was no crash, nudge or coming together. It was just a racing incident. The BBC commentators,  were partly responsible for all the hoo-har.

The BBC Asking Rubens if that was the most dangerous move ever put on him in his F1 career, was out of order! Can't anyone see, this was just putting words into Rubens mouth, when he is press-ganged, under pressure to just agree with the first thing put to him, live, on-air!

I don't understand why no-one hasn't pointed out that Rubens actually (sort of under-took), used the hard shoulder / safety-strip between the track and the barrier-wall, to get round Schuey on the inside. Rubens should have been breaking and staying behind Schuey, because there was no-room to overtake using the route he did.

If you watch the video closely and know how hard it is to judge the speed of an approaching car in your rear-view mirror. Being conscious of wanting to keep your position, (in Schumy's case), or trying to gain a position, (in Rubens case). Everything is happening within split seconds; 'blink and you miss it' fast action.

You can see that Rubens clearly intended to drive directly at the debris strip, between the wall and the white-line. That was his chosen route anyway and perhaps Rubens should receive a penalty for undercutting Schuey. That bit of road surface between the white line and wall, is for safety and is not part of any racing line.

Schuey would have seen Rubens moving over and a split second later try to defend by moving to block. Its only due to the skill of Schuey that there was no collision, since Rubens chose to force his way through at any cost. There are always two sides to a story.

Rubens taking that line was wrong, as he knows, it leads straight to the pit-lane exit. Drivers are not supposed to cross that line that separates the exiting pit-lane traffic from the racing straight during the race; and as you will see, the line even swings out to mark a point that allows a car exiting the pits to get enough room to swing out and turn in to the apex of the corner.

There was no way that Rubens was going to be able to overtake safely at that point on the track, considering he'd have to be back literally at the other side of the track to avoid crossing the pit-lane white-line marker. Why is no-body talking about this? Because they have jumped on the bash schumy band waggon!
All shooting their mouths-off, without looking at the evidence around what happened.

I wonder if Rubens is thinking, wow, that was lucky. It was my mistake and yet Schuey is getting all the blame. Both of these old F1 Buzzards should know better than to let the media control what they say. Did you see Rubens in that first BBC interview in the pit-lane, after the race? He was kicking the floor with his toe, as if to say, 'shucks, didn't anyone see, I'm just as much to blame for that incident'!

Me thinks, some FIA officials don't like old schuey!

If you listen to what Schuey is saying about himself and his return to F1, you can hear a modest man, who understands F1 better than anyone. He tells about how people expect him to be as competitive as drivers half his age. He still has the speed and the ability to set-up his car and to put it exactly where he wants it on the track.

"Its not about adrenaline", says Schuey!

Schumacher spent 10 years working with Ferrari, prepping his car and perfecting his style to get to where he was. How can people expect him at the age of 41, to compete with drivers half his age when he is only in his first year with a new team. But he's there, being competitive!

In terms of race-pace; "I'm absolutely there!" -Schumacher.

More on my thoughts about Schuey's 10 place demotion.
How is it that Schuey gets 10 positions demotion for avoiding a crash / dangerous overtaking maneuver from Rubens, yet Vettel only gets a 10 second drive through penalty for actually causing a serious crash, wrecking Buttons race?

I am never pleased when I see accidents on track, unlike some people who only seem to watch F1 in the hope of seeing a pile-up. But I was pleased to see Rubens get crashed out in Spa, its like poetic justice for all the trouble and bad-vibes he has sent Schumachers way since the Hungarian race.

Pole Position Race Summary.
Driver of the Race: For this F1 fan is Luis Hamilton, for giving us a great race. Enough said, he's my best guess for the championship, (that's where my money is)!

Also Michael Schumacher for gaining the most places than any other driver on the track, a total of 14 places, six or seven of those at the start and before the first corner! There can be no question of whether or not he has lost his edge, certainly not. Anyone saying otherwise is an idiot and hasn't got a clue what they are talking about. And Schuey has done that with all this BS on his back! What a great driver!

Pole Position.

Picture below from live tracking - 
Go get your free account and get live timings on your PC.

Formula1Race 2010 FORMULA 1 BELGIAN GRAND PRIX\2010-08-29_Spa_Results

This is a Pole Position Post.


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