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Tuesday, September 27, 2011



Venue: Suzuka.
Date: Sunday 9 October. 2011.
Lap length: 3.608 miles.
Race laps: 53.
2010 winner: Sebastian Vettel. (Red Bull).
First grand prix: 1987.

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Japanese Grand Prix.
Suzuka, 7-9 October. 2011.

Friday 7 October: Practice One - Result. 2011_Race15_Suzuka_F1GP_Practice1
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Friday 7 October: Practice Two - Result. 2011_Race15_Suzuka_F1GP_Practice2

Saturday 8 October: Practice Three -Had to miss! I could not get to bed on time, to get up at 3am, (guests visiting), friends and family take precedence over F1! So, sorry about that. Massive apologies to everyone!

To me, this is the advantage of F1 viewing at home. Sure, it is nice to visit the race venue, but friends have just come back from Motor Cycling GP, said they have had a terrible time and did not get to see much of the race due to accommodation and fatigue. But, I was curled up warm in bed, fast asleep, not counting sheep!

Saturday 8 October: Qualifying - Results. 2011_Race15_Suzuka_F1GP_Qualifying Results.

I've just been debating whether to leave the posting of the race result till after the lunchtime re-run, but since I have got up early to see the real time race, that's what you should have done first. Anyway, if you have not seen the race yet, then 'more-fool-you' for visiting an F1 blog!  Like when you don't listen to any news programs or watch any other sporting programs if you don't want to know the result of a match!

Sunday 9 October: Race - Result. 2011_Race15_Suzuka_F1GP_Race Result.
Surely there is no doubt that Vettel deserves to be the world Champion. He has just said that his next target is just Korea! This is how you win world championships, one-step-at-a-time!

The BBC team said he will be also thinking about the possibility of matching and finally beating Schumachers seven times world championships. I think he possible can, but I don't think he will be considering that goal just yet. Perhaps he will after he's won another three or four world championships consecutively.

I wonder, that if he does do it, whether people will be as cruel and harsh with comments as they are toward Schuey these days?

I agree with a comment that was text-in to the BBC, they said someone pointed out regarding Vettel squeezing Button off the track at corner one at the start of the race. They said, 'If that had been Schumacher forcing Button off, then Schuey would have got a 10 second penalty or worse'! I agree!

I hope and do think that Schuey will get to hear of that comment and know that many people believe that would have been the case and that there are a lot of Schuey fans out there.

Anyone is free to join and follow this blog and Twitter!

I had a comment in on Twitter DM, asking why I do not give any race commentary. Well, I don't see the point, do you? You are a fan and you should be watching the race yourself, I love to watch from the comfort of home. I like to give a comment or two and talk to my F1 buddies, keep the results for future reference and just enjoy the technical side of the race.

Anyone is free to join and follow this blog and Twitter group, so long as they remain friendly and amicable, we just enjoy our F1 racing and talk about drivers, the tracks and the cars. 

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