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Wednesday, September 14, 2011



Venue: Marina Bay.
Date: Sunday 25 September. 2011.
Lap length: 3.148 miles.
Race laps: 61.
2010 winner: Fernando Alonso. (Ferrari).
First grand prix: 2008.

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Singapore Grand Prix.
Singapore, 23-25 September. 2011.

Practice Session One.
I am well annoyed at the condition of the Singapore circuit. It is supposed to be and F1 quality track, yet kerbs are loose and have had to be removed. This has delayed the start of practice session one by 30 minutes.

F1 rules say that there has to be 2 hours between the practice sessions, so the end of practice one is not being extended. Someone should be taken to task and fined by the FIA, to stop this happening again in the future. My suggestion is to fine the race track owners. It is a real farce, currently as I write, we, (the fans around the world), are just sat waiting, watching nothing!

The FIA should at least, move practice-two forward accordingly, if they and the drivers insist upon the two hours between sessions, rule being enforced. I would have thought, (as would any sane person), that is it important to not let down the spectators and fans around the world!

Bad show! Not happy!

I thought I would give you a results picture from the BBC Sport site for practice one. (See Practice1 results picture, immediately below). However, it is not as detailed as the official full race information from Enter F1. (See Practice2 results picture).

Friday 23 September: Practice One Results.
I enjoy following the timing-stats and constant track positions, (as in the picture below from, making the tech stuff really come to life. You cannot easily get this track-side as you spectate the race, you usually spend more time trying to see a few cars go by in the rain, whilst peering round the ten-foot square idiot banner waver in the seats in front of you! Its definitely home spectating that beats track side viewing.

The benefit of EnterF1 results is that you get each of the sector times and gap during the sessions. It is a shame that they do not keep them on record for viewing after the race! (As far as I know). If they do keep them, they have not made the link to them obvious to visitors.

Friday 23 September: Practice Two Results. Singapore F1GP, via
It seems like the track is a pile of crap, what's more, it is dangerous!

Saturday 24 September: Practice Three Results. Singapore F1GP, Practice 3 results via

Saturday 24 September: Qualifying Results.
 I don't quite understand what went on at the end of qualifying, what happened to the timing results for Schumacher, Sutil and Di Resta? (See Picture of Qualifying Results Above).

Vettel, Button and Webber! Seems like you need double letters in the middle of your surname to get on the podium today!

Isn't it an unusual sport, to have so many sporting surnames with double letters? Massa, Liuzzi, Senna, Trulli. If only this could be the mark of a great F1 driver, then Barrichello would be the world champion!  Perhaps that is a Red Bull secret deal with the Devil. Having two drivers with double letters in the middle of their surnames. (Ha ha ha).

Anyway, joking aside, it was a great race today. There's a feud brewing between Massa and Hamilton, with Massa feeling like Hamilton is not engaging his brain when driving. I cannot wait to see how this one turns out. I bet their teams will have them making public apologies to each other by the next race meeting!

Schumacher made a devastating mistake and put himself out of the race. I was very surprised at such a stupid mistake by the great Schuey. What was he thinking? Where did he think he was going with that move?

Sunday 25 September: F1 GP Singapore Race Result.
F1 Singapore Race Result, courtesy of via

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