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Tuesday, May 10, 2011



Race 5.
Venue: Circuit de Catalunya, Montmelo.
Date: Sunday 22 May.
Lap length: 2.892 miles.
Race laps: 66.
2010 winner: Mark Webber (Red Bull).
First grand prix: 1991.

Spain is one track all the teams and drivers know very well, since they do most of their testing here throughout the winter.   In past years, commentators say that the race has be classed as a processional race, with the cars running in order of speed.  (As if the drivers skill doesn't come into it).

Even drivers of equal standing, will do different lap times in the same car.  More than that, each driver will have different lap times as they progress through the practice sessions, qualifying and race due to many factors including the condition of the track, other drivers holding them up, (or giving them a tow).

If a driver has been fastest in a section or beat his best time in one section of the track, but then cannot repeat that time; the answer is usually that he has had a tow in, perhaps from the previous section.  The driver in front has cleared the air and then made a mistake leaving a corner. Then the car behind, in-tow aerodynamically, can get a faster time on the next section due to coming into that section at the max speed possible for the conditions.

To repeat the lap time in that section of the track, the driver might then need the same or better conditions and tow-in that he had previously, to get the faster time!  This might also be affected by the tire-temperature and grip coming in to its max, or even hinder the time due to excess tire wear!

This is what makes F1 interesting, and why drivers and cars don't always perform as expected!  So, to say that a race is processional is false.  It just might be a coincidence that the racers finish in the same order as they qualified in, but that also becomes a race of stamina.  This is more true at Monaco, (next weekend).

At Monaco, because the track is narrow and mostly concrete lined, there is little chance to overtake.  It is often the case that the race is actually won, (or raced), in the qualifying sessions, (so to speak).  This is because the starting grid line up is probably going to be in more or less the same order, if you think of it that way.  But you cannot even say that the Monaco GP is processional.

Another way that these races are won or lost is in the pit lane.  For many years, I've seen teams win or loose the race in the pit lane.  This is where it really becomes apparent to the viewer that this is a team sport.  And why I have always kicked off about people who keep screaming about 'team-orders'!

This is a team sport and team orders should have always been in effect, as they are now!  You wouldn't hear people crying, 'unfair-advantage' if a footballer passed the ball to his team mate to score a goal.  Its for the team!  This is a team sport!  (Move-over Barichello, Mr Schumacher wants this win)! As we use to say!

If it is not fair, the only person it is not fair on, is the team mate who is doing better than the teams other driver and is asked to move-over. So that the team stands to gain more points by taking the win with their highest scoring driver!.  But, going back to this 'processional race' comment.

The race is also won or lost in the pit-lane, the qualifying, the stamina or the driver and his ability to concentrate.  You might get someone who can drive at world class speed for 20 laps, but then his concentration lets him down due to fatigue.  I was not going to mention this, but my own personal thought is, that this is what happens to Lewis Hamilton.  Maybe its that beautiful girlfriend of his, taking his mind off his job!

BBC is the best place to be. Please Visit the BBC Sport Website for confirmation!

Fri 20 May 2011
Practice 1 09:00 - 10:30

Practice 2 13:00 - 14:30

Sat 21 May 2011
Practice 3 10:00 - 11:00

Qualifying 13:00

Sun 22 May 2011.
Race 13:00.

Driver of the race for this F1 fan is two-fold:-  Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button, giving McLaren Mercedes some well earned points.  This was basically a heavyweight-bout, between the Red Bulls and McLaren Mercedes!

Why I am annoyed with the BBC coverage!

No one at the BBC seems to be giving Schumacher any credit for his race, (and especially for the start of this race).  And let it not be forgot that Schuey has finished in front of his team mate too!  Just in-case the BBC forget to mention that, as they always keep pointing out, when Schuey is behind Rosberg!  Yes BBC, we older Schuey fans do take notice of your anti-Schuey remarks!  (You just do it to rile-us don't you)?

What was all that about Schumacher in your coverage at the start of the race?  It was more like an inquisition than an interview.  Michael Schumacher should not have to be constantly bombarded with this ageism crap!  He simply has a right to be racing because he is competitive.

If anyone can race within 107% of the fastest cars in the world, (like Schumacher can), then that's why they deserve to be there, as per the F1 rules.  So please stop with your ageism remarks toward Schuey!

I could understand and accept all this ageism crap if Schumacher was last in the race at every other race. I'd be one of the first to say that anyone should consider retiring in those circumstances. 

Where was Barichello today?  I had to keep looking for him!  (I think he was struggling with the car a bit)!
I don't hear the BBC on Barichello's case all the time, saying that he should be thinking of retiring!  I'm just pointing that out, since there is only three years between Michael and Rubens.  Now do you see how unfair the BBC is to Schuey?  Its like an anti-Schuey campaign!    

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