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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Covered F1 Track by F1 Sponsors

Covered F1 Track by F1 Sponsors

After the rain off fiasco's of a start under safety car due to rain or total regular wash outs at tracks in Europe and Malaysia etc; I think its about time that race circuits themselves should start a new program of getting the race circuits under cover! 

This does not mean the track won't get wet if it is done right! First there could be computer controlled glazing panels that could be opened and closed electrically, controlled by the race directors, to actually allow a certain amount of rain to land on the track. Its not hard to do or measure!

I have a green house with automatic sensing of conditions and automatic control of roofing ventilation and rain panels. (Even the rain is collected and fed to an automatic watering system)!

This could be modified to work for F1 tracks to avoid deadly wet conditions - thus saving lives and reducing accident repair costs to F1 teams and circuits caused by crashes, otherwise avoidable, that are caused by conditions being too wet!

Additionally, this idea would improve cash flow for the race circuits themselves, via getting the rain canopy over the track, to be paid for by F1 sponsors.

Even dog-track style - overhead pit-lane style CCTV cameras could be could be mounted in the underside of an apex type roofing construction, to improve the race TV coverage. We could even have 24 (or more) cameras, that will follow each car round the whole circuit!

What do you think? Is this a reasonable and logical idea? Please comment!

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