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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Mercedes deny Schumacher ultimatum | Sport | BigPond News

Bums on Fire!

Do they lie? -  'Without naming their source', (Oh yea), Bild said Schumacher was given an ultimatum to improve in 2011 or have his three-year contract, reported to be worth 63 million euros ($A90 million), terminated after just two years. His contract with Mercedes expires in 2013.

Mercedes deny Schumacher ultimatum | Sport | BigPond News

I get annoyed when people keep knocking schumacher for nothing, (well its not for nothing actually, it is because of their own ignorance), as with any F1 driver he's doing his best. That's all you can ask of any sportsman, especially if he or she is being competitive, which is the whole point isn't it?

People are missing a main point, that this 41 year old is in fantastic shape and one of the top contenders in F1. He should be getting accolades for still being able to perform at a world class level at his age. He's a true master, as are all the drivers in F1.

If anyone doubts Schuey's ability, as I write today, an hour before the start of the Suzuka race, there are 14 other top world class F1 drivers who'd give their right arm to be in 10th for the start of Suzuka.

As this article says - Norber Haug, a director of Mercedes' competition department.
Haug said, 'We're still a very tight-knit unit. For me, Michael is just as good if not better than he was. He's relaxed and concentrated. He doesn't need me or anyone else to stand up for him.

'We're happy with the work he is putting in.'

"As am I" - Pole Position.

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