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Monday, March 22, 2010

The Rain-Man Returns 2010

First some admiration for the guy...

Michael Schumacher is without doubt one of the greatest, if not The Greatest F1 driver of all time. Many of his records still stand, yet he does not always get the recognition from program presenters and colleagues that he deserves.

I get annoyed when presenters make light of Schuey's accomplishments by giving reason after reason why his win or position was due to other driver error or other cars engineering failures or the intervention of race officials, deciding racing incidents in schuey's favour.

Reviews of Michael Schumacher, sometimes talk about him being contentious and arrogant. It is simply this, Michael is a true honest professional, who can forecast his race. Being a confident sportsman and knowing his car and how to set it up and knowing the track he's driving, it is not arrogance.

I'm no F1 fanatic and I do not remember exact dates and details, I'm not really the statistics type so I cannot remember the exact race; but... Does anyone remember that race, where Michael started in the pack, worked his way to the lead and got crashed out for some reason, (I cannot remember what). He got back on the track with a damaged car and brought it back from something like 17th position half-way through the race to a podium position.

All the cameras could do was watch the race leaders and their own nationalities driver. I was screaming at the telly, (as you do). There's this guy, cutting through all of his competition with a damaged car like they were going the wrong way.. The commentators didn't even give Michael Schumacher mention as driver of the race.

The Schummy Returns!

I for one am pleased to see a return of the rain-man. Although, I do realise that there must be a time when he will not be able to compete at previous levels, due to reflex reaction time and the physical demands of the sport. With that in mind, personally I didn't think he'd ever return to F1 racing as a driver.

The Rain-Man's comeback, may just have been some PR, I thought at first. Deliberate press leak; an advertising marketing ploy to fuel speculation and keep the much needed interest in the sport. Like they say, all news is good news, or good publicity.. Sometimes these whammy news stories are released strategically to draw press attention from other issues that the organisation doesn't want aired. Thus releasing some hype sensational story as a cover.. Well, I'm pleased I was wrong..

Welcome back Schuey!

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