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Monday, April 11, 2011



Race 4
Venue: Shanghai International Circuit
Date: Sunday 17 April, 0800 BST
Lap length: 3.387 miles
Race laps: 56
2010 winner: Jenson Button (McLaren)
First grand prix: 2004

BBC is the best place to be. Please Visit the BBC Sport Website for confirmation!


Friday 15 April
First practice: 0255-0435, BBC Red Button/online
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There were problems with KERS for the Red Bulls and Mercedes, yet they still managed to out-pace everyone else!       So, I'm thinking; if they did not use KERS and everyone else did, they might actually gain by taking KERS off their cars for the rest of the season, via weight loss and more fuel economy.
       Like a double-edged sword, this means less fuel used and also required to be carried is even less weight again. 

Second practice: 0655-0835, BBC Red Button/online
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Saturday 16 April
Third practice: 0355-0505, BBC Red Button/BBC Radio 5 live sports extra/online
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I do not want to make any insinuation that F1 is predictable, but the BBC F1 reporting is wrong! They keep saying pre-Quali, that they don't know what to expect. Not so:- There will be Red Bulls at the front, followed by McLaren-Merc's, then the Ferrari's and Renault. After that you might get Sauber but I hope its Mercedes GP!  -  Its 06.50am Sat - Lets see if I'm right?  Most F1 Fans would agree with this I think.

I'm man enough to leave this comment pre-qualifying, instead of whimpering out and saying 'we don't know what could happen'. Look, lets assume, no crash-out or major failures.  This is how its going to be!

OK - So I jinxed Webber, sorry about that! Look, it could happen to anyone, but who would have thought Webber would have gone out on hard tires?  Everyone else was using soft, even Vettle I think!  It was a team decision to go with hard tires.

I was right about the Red Bulls, (well just one of them, but that was a surprise to everyone, especially Webber), at the front, followed by McLaren-Mercedes, then the Ferrari's.    I hoped for Mercedes GP and got one, but, as you've probably guessed, I was routing for Schumacher!

'Everyone on the track, or in the race, 
has the same issues and problems to deal with.'

So - I can say - I agree with the BBCF1, that it has been an exciting Qualifying Session!  I heard another comment, one from a guest and again from David Coulthard that everyone seems to forget about when talking about Michael Schumacher. That is - 'Everyone on the track, or in the race, has the same issues and problems to deal with.'  I think that is mostly true, with the exception that the likes of Michael Schumacher (and Barrichello et al), does not have youth on his side anymore.

Obviously Schumacher has experience, but I bet he would trade that for some younger years if he could!   There's only a certain amount of experience you need to race in F1, if you think about it, since everyone is having to start a-new with rule changes and new equipment in their cars.  So, from that point of view, again everyone has the same issues of learning the new rules and how to get the best from the new features on their cars!

Qualifying: 0600-0830, BBC One/BBC Radio 5 live/online
Qualifying repeat: 1300-1430, BBC One
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Sunday 17 April
Grand Prix live: 0700-1015, BBC One/BBC Radio 5 live/online
F1 forum: 1015-1115, BBC Red Button/online
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Grand Prix repeat: 1400-16:00, BBC One
Highlights: 1900-2000 and 0230-0330, BBC Three

I was surprised not to see Button penalised for stopping in the wrong pit, perhaps holding up Hamilton. I recon the worse is yet to come for Button as he will get a lot of pit-lane stick for that! 

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